A Cameo Brooch

A few days ago one of my Dutch readers asked me about the chest of drawers and what was in the red box on top of it. I promised her to take...

A few days ago one of my Dutch readers asked me about the chest of drawers and what was in the red box on top of it. I promised her to take some photographs of the box and its contents, so here they are:

I made the chest of drawers a few years ago from a kit (The House of Miniatures? MiniMundus? I can't remember) I still have to make the handles for it, but I want to make silver ones. Jens Torp has explained to me how to make them, so now all I have to do is sit down and MAKE them. Easy. Right? Uhm...

For the flowers I used pre-punched leaves by VaRIAatjes, I love the look of these Peonies. The wash basin and jug are part of my handpainted collection. I have not finished this one yet, (it still needs leaves etc) but I probably ran out of time during the class and forgot to bring it the next class.

A more detailed shot of the red box. In it is a lovely miniature cameo brooch which I found at the Arnhem show last autumn. I think I bought it from
Nostalgia Interior Design Specialist, but I am not entirely sure.

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  1. The whole arrangement looks beautiful! Everything is so elegant!
    I also love the vase and the little perfume bottle, your taste is very good!
    But silver handles? I am not sure if I have seen that in real life.... but it might look in your lovely room!

    Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Lovely and exquisite as usual!

  3. Josje, you need to put a coin next to your 'creations' because it looks too much like the real thing! I love the wallpaper and the chest of drawers is in an attractive style. The peonies are perfect with nice variation in the petal colour. The perfume bottle is dainty, (whereas they often look clumsy), the hand painted blue and white pieces are very pretty! When you finish doing the leaves, will you glaze it as well? And the brooch was a lovely find. It makes a beautiful vignette!

  4. It's beautiful. Everything is so nice and elegant.
    You really make wonderful things.

  5. Synnøve, I have seen silver handles before, although admittedly it is quite rare. I also have a few pictures of 18th century cabinets with silver handles. As I like silver a lot, I just would like the chest to have silver handles.

    Thank you Rosanna. Nothing yet? ;)

    You're very kind Lize! The porcelain is already glazed, the design is painted onto the glaze and then fired in a special kiln. I don't own a kiln, so I can only paint or add paint to my porcelain pieces when I take a class.

  6. Really, it's any more than wonderful.
    I love the vase of peonies, and the gorgeous cameo brooch is truly amazing.
    The chest is very elegant, and everything blends together with the scrap of paper painted on the wall.
    A very nice atmosphere!

  7. Hi Josje - such a beautiful vignette. I love peonies, they are my favorite flower and those are so lovely. I love your porcelain - such a pretty design.


  8. I like so much!!

    The peonias are lovely,preatty picture

  9. So many beautiful items to see & all are such a delight....Beautiful!!


  10. Thank you all for your comments!
    About the flowers like these peonies, I often use kits to start out with, I just add a lot of my own to it. I always paint the petals and often change the leaves as I find they usually are not that realistic. This kit is very nice though, a lot of work, but you'll end up with a lovely result.

  11. Everything is just perfect!!!
    Happy New Year!!

  12. Josje, just a handful of items but they make a complete picture. May I know where you got that perfume bottle from?

  13. Thank you Pussman, and Happy New Year to you too!

    Sans, the perfume bottle is by Gerd Felka, a glassblower from Germany. He sells his glass online too: http://www.miniglass.de
    The perfume bottles can be found here: http://www.miniglass.de/parfumflaschen_e.htm
    The photo's on his website don't do the pieces justice, they are much nicer than they look there!

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