A fresh look

After a busy time working on a commission (which is now finally finished) I took some time off to go on vacation with my family. In one of the beautiful Dutch towns we visited I found some really pretty fabrics, one of them perfect for the Drawing Room in my dolls house.
I decided to re-upholster my sofa and chair with this fabric. I love the result, even though the photos show the colours slightly differ, the colours match beautifully with the room. I kept the silk on the base and arms of the chair, this is the same silk I used on the curtains.

Once I had finished my commission, I thought it was time to treat myself to something very nice, and so I did! I bought a beautiful little 17th century concertina table from Mark Gooch. I think it looks gorgeous in the room with the silver tea set on it. The tea set (with adorable little ivory knob) is by Mike Sparrow.

Update 8/30: Click here to go to the website of Mark Gooch. And here to go to the website of Mike Sparrow.


  1. Yes, a treat, that's what these little object are. A treat for the eye, the heart and the soul. Your fortunate to be the keeper of these pieces of art, cherish them well in this life. It's obvious you do cos the setting is (as always with you) suburb!!

    Thank you so much for sharing Josje
    Gorgeous they are! The sofa as well!

  2. I love the fabric you chose to recover your sofa and chair.
    Your new table is a beautiful piece of art!!! I had never seen his work until now or even heard of Mark Gooch for that matter. I just went to his site, his work is nothing short of magnificent.
    I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family.

  3. Everything is exquisite. Your scenes are always so beautiful, a treat for us to see them.

  4. Josje, I really love the fabric that you have chosen for the sofa and the chair. The bit of silk that you have left on the sofa is the perfect match. Your "tea" table is also gorgeous! What a beautiful piece of art! The teapot too!!

  5. Nothing but perfect! I love the new fabric and the table and f course the tea set. I'v started stitching the fabric for the chair at last. I'll show you as soon as I'll finish it. Have a nice day, Rosanna

  6. What a beautiful room filled with truly elegant pieces.

  7. Such an elegant room, the fabric looks perfect and I adore the siver teapot.... You have some stunning pieces!!!

  8. Dag Josje,
    Wat een geweldige stof heb je op de bank en stoel gemaakt.
    Trouwens ik vond de vorige stof ook erg mooi.
    De tafel is weer een juweeltje en de theepot is helemaal geweldig.
    Ik vind 't erg leuk dat je mijn volger bent geworden.

    groet Heleni

  9. De mini bewoners van dit huis treffen het wel met zo'n prachtige zetels :-)) De stof print is prachtig en de afwerking subliem!! Ik vind alles supermooi
    groetjes Ingrid

  10. Josje, what a treat! :) Mike Sparrow you said? I am going to search for his work. :)

  11. I really thought this room was in a lovely guest house you visited. It looks fabulous, the fabric is gorgeous and so is the table and the silver tea pot.

  12. Que salon mas precioso.
    Esa mesa con el juego de te es magnifica.
    Me encantan todos los detalles.
    besitos ascension

  13. La verdad es que has acertado con esa tela de seda y debe de ser muy dificil trabajarla. Ha quedado muy elegante. La pieza de plata es preciosa, ¿bravo por darte un capricho!
    Besos Clara.

  14. Elegante , Acogedor y ANUs Con piezas selectas Muy.
    Una preciosidad Es de salón . DESDE luego! Muy PUEDES ESTAR Orgullosa DE LOS RESULTADOS . ¡ Bravo !
    Besitos de mayo

  15. Hoi Josje
    wat ziet het er weer prachtig uit.Vorig jaar waren we bij jou ik denk er nog vaak aan
    groetjes adrie

  16. Everything perfect and exquisite taste.
    When I think of my furniture bought at newsstands, I almost want to cry :-(
    But then, I find myself to be happy even in my small dollhouse prefab: the magic of this ancient pastime is just to make everybody happy :-)
    In any case, your purchases are fabulous and make my heart beat faster ...
    Mini hugs, Flora

  17. Hello Josje,lovely pieces you bought, you have such a good taste. I did not forget my gift promise, after my recovery I started with maintenance works in my real house and everything is out of place.
    Best regards,

  18. Oh, Josje, I love that fabric! It is just perfect -- elegant and pretty at the same time. The table is stunning, and of course Mike Sparrow's silver work is always amazing. A beautiful scene -- thank you for sharing it with us!

  19. Mooi metamorfose en lekker fris! een nieuwe bank ;-)
    Prachtige theepot en moet je echt poetsen?

  20. Hi Josje,

    Your sofa looks much better with this fabric!
    Again the pictures are wonderfull....and your new table is wonderfull...and the silver tea set I did recognise..a treat to the eye.
    Thank you,


  21. Hoi Josje,

    Een prachtig stofje is het en ondanks dat de vorige ook mooi was, staat dit toch veel mooier.
    De tafel en theepot zijn natuurlijk fantastisch, mooi geheel zo!

    Groetjes Sylvia

  22. Thanks guys! Yes I am very happy with the fabric. For those of you who don't know Mark Gooch or Mike Sparrow, have a look at their websites, I have put them in my post!

    Lisette: ja, ik moet echt poetsen! Deze pot is al een beetje vies geworden, maar het kan nog wel even wachten voordat ik weer de zilverpoetsdoek ga hanteren. Ik ben waarschijnlijk een van de weinige mensen die zilverpoetsen wel een leuk werkje vindt. ;)

  23. Very lovely and the color is wonderfull.

  24. me he quedado impresionada con sus trabajos,la habitacion ha quedado realmente bella,enhorabuena por tener esas maravillas un saludo pepi

  25. The fabric is exquisite! wonderful job!


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