'El deseo de Josje Bouwt'

You may remember when, back in August, I posted about an interesting cabinet which was going for auction at Christie's in London. I wrote about it:

" I would love to have this cabinet. It would look great in my kitchen holding my favourite china, or in the bedroom full of linen. Or even better: it could go in my work room, holding all of my materials for miniature making. Of course it could become a 12th scale dolls house, I think the measurements would be just right for that!"

Unfortunately the cabinet was too expensive for me and even if I had been able to buy it, getting it from England to Holland would have been a major undertaking.

Fast forward a few months, it is now December 2010 and I get an email from Madelva, the editor of the Spanish miniatures magazine 'Miniaturas'. Madelva had seen my post about the cabinet and cooked up a little surprise for me... She had contacted Christie's and with their permission, published the building plans for the cabinet in 12th scale! (Miniaturas año 16, No 155)

Such a wonderful surprise, thank you Madelva! I will certainly build my own cabinet now.


  1. What a wonderful surprise!!! I bet you were thrilled. :-) I can't wait to see your miniature version. How exciting!!!!

  2. ¡Un gran reto!. Viendo sus trabajos no dudo que realizará una gran obra, esperamos impacientes por verla. Un saludo, Eva

  3. Oh how special, what a wonderful surprise! It is a good plan to have for the New Year. :)

  4. Wat een lief gebaar!!
    En mooi om het nieuwe jaar mee te beginnen!

  5. Wow, Josje,

    That was a nice surprise! Lovely cabinet, you are right, I can see it holding a variety of interesting things. And I am looking forwards to see your mini version. (Dying to see it actually, and expecting, as always only the best from you! NO PRESSURE!!!)

    I love the new look of your blog. (I am very partial to black!)

    A very splendid 2011 to you and your family, and lets hope for peace in the rest of the world!

    Warm Old Year greetings,

  6. Yes, a good surprise! I don't know how long it will take me to make the miniature version of the cabinet, but I will make it.

    Thanks Lize, now I feel totally relaxed about it, lol!
    I was playing around with the layout of my blog, wanted to be able to post bigger pictures, and this new colour just happened. It is nearly black, not quite though. Although I always like the look on other peoples blogs, I'm still not sure about it for my own. I will keep it for a while though, too much work to change it again...
    Thank you for your New Years wish, I wish you the same and oh yes I do so wish for peace in the rest of the world!

  7. Sp good of you to share the plans, Josje :).

    I remembered how I loved black background for my blog but was told that it's a little hard to read. Not sure about others but I don't have the problem. :) I prefer your new background.

  8. Hi Josje, I'm another "black background" so I can appreciate the new look of your blog :-)
    Medelva's surprise is really nice and maybe a little consolation you have not been able to buy the original cabinet ... So, soon there will be circulating a copy just as precious and between 200 years will be auctioned as "the treasure of Lady Josje" ...
    I am sure that this will happen!
    Mini hugs and happy new year


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