Bed time for Norway

...but NO time for sleeping! Last summer I was asked whether I'd like to teach a class at the 2011 Craft Retreat in Stavanger, Norway ...

...but NO time for sleeping!

Last summer I was asked whether I'd like to teach a class at the 2011 Craft Retreat in Stavanger, Norway. But of course! I had a wonderful experience teaching in Norway last summer, so I would love to go back there.

This class would only be for one day, so that was a little bit of a problem. What can you make in one day? I came up with this French/ shabby shic/ brocante style bed.

Students will be making the bed with the upholstered head and footboards (not the mattress and bedding as there simply isn't any time for that).

If any of my Dutch readers are interested in taking this class, I am thinking of teaching it at my home May 21st. Of course, any one else willing to travel to my home in Holland to take the class is very welcome as well ;) I will post more details later, but you can send me an email if you're interested (see my profile).

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  1. If I could travel to your home to take the class - oh, I would. That is a beautiful bed!


  2. I'm full of appreciation for your work. This bed is amazing.
    Hugs! greet from Warsaw:o)

  3. hallo Josje,
    ik zou graag meedoen aan een workshop voor dit mooie bed, ik probeerde een mailtje te sturen, maar dat kwam weer terug.

  4. Hi Josje,

    It's just too cute...!!
    Looks a bit like the one I've seen in "world of Interiors" and planned on making it for my spare bedroom. It would be fun to come over to do another miniature class at your place.

  5. It's such a beautiful bed. I'm sure you will have many signing up for the classes. =)

  6. Oh Josje, you know I would! One of these days, I just might! :)

  7. Muy buen trabajo, con un magnifico resultado!!! Es preciosa!!

  8. I am sure that your house will be full of people who would like to make this bed! Will they be making the frame also?

  9. If I lived in Norway I would definitely take it. Your work is exquisite!

  10. I love this bed! Oh, and there's an award for you over on my blog. :)

  11. Thank you all! If only the Enterprise would fly around earth, I could teach there and Scotty would beam each of you up...

    Kathi, yes, students will make the whole bed, so bed frame and upholstered head and footboard. They'll have to work hard because there is more work to it than meets the eye! So no dozing off in class ;)

    Margot en Jeffry, leuk! Ik zal alles even op een rijtje zetten en dan stuur ik hier jullie binnenkort een mailtje over.

    Groet, Josje

  12. If only I lived closer!...what a beautiful bed.

  13. Well, I just can't be there then!

    But the bed is perfect, even though I am GREEN with envy!

  14. Ik wil graag een gietijzeren bed voor in mijn Franse huis,maar deze zou ook zeker niet misstaan!
    Prachtig bed,josje!


  15. Wat een prachtig bedje Josje! Ik zou wel heel graag meedoen! Maar dan moet ik even mijn jaar planning bekijken.
    In ieder geval heel veel plezier met de workshop in Norwegen! Het wordt vast een succes!

  16. Preciosa, sencilla, elegante , ESPECTACULARMENTE bonita.Un gusto exquisito.Enhorabuena

  17. I would travel to Holland to do the class too Josje, the bed is beautiful and I would love one in full scale too. Your class is sure to be a sell-out!

  18. It's so lovely, a pity I am so far away ...

  19. It's not only you're Dutch readers who are dying to take your classes! I've been over here pining away for one of your wonderful 'bergere chairs' for who knows how long. Time, money and family are the only things that keep me from booking a flight tonight! The bed is gorgeous. Monica