A cheeky monkey...

...joins the circus.

Recently I was in Denmark to take part in the Miniature in Tune summer school.  It was a lot of fun and I will show you what I made in one of my next posts.  During the evening sale at the  school I found two lovely miniatures based on well known pieces of Scandinavian design.

The first thing I saw was this child's chair.  The chair is based on the Tripp Trapp chair, which grows with the child, from newborn to adult.  The original (full sized) chair was designed by Peter Opsvik from Norway.  The miniature version was made by Kurt Jensen from Denmark.

The real chair recently received the award 'Best Norwegian Design of the last 100 years'  from Aftenposten and the Norwegian Design and Architecture Center.  

The little wooden monkey hanging from the back of the chair is based on a 1951 design by Kay Bojesen of Denmark.  The miniature cheeky monkey was again made by Kurt Jensen from Denmark.


At one of the beautiful stores in Odense I was given a catalogue with designs by Kay Bojesen (that's him in the photo on the left).  I was struck by how familiar most of the designs are and that the designs are much earlier than I had expected.  The baby rattle is from 1932! 
(All photos are from the catalogue)

The chair and monkey join the circus in the child's bedroom in my Canal House.  They fit right in!  The wonderful circus play set was made by the lovely people of Reina Mab Miniatures from Argentina.  

They gave me a little gift of two tiny dolls (just visible in the photo below left) dressed in the local dress of the native people of part of Argentina (and Bolivia, Peru and Chile), the Aymaras.   

The circus is a delightful addition to the ferris wheel (also made by Reina Mab) which I have had for a while now.  This bedroom is becoming a place where kids will spend hours playing with all the wonderful toys.  And if not the kids, I will!


  1. Both chair and monkey are real treasures to be treasured. Thank you for the explanations.
    A lovely playroom!!

  2. Oh, Josje, that monkey brings me back to my childhood! My father had one hanging in his "office" in our house.... he was always a fan of the Danish/Scandinavian designs and would bring home all sorts of beautiful sleek well designed things from the "hip" shops in Harvard Square back in "the day"! What a treat it is to see one in miniature! Your child's room is full of the memories of days gone by, before everything was made from plastic! Beautiful additions to your collection! And I really look forward to seeing what you were "up to" this year in Tune!!! :)

  3. I so agree with Betsy! I just hate seeing children's rooms filled with ugly plastic toys. It is wonderful to see room filled with these sorts of things.

  4. All I know is that if this had been my bedroom when I was young, I would have never left it! So many Marvelous toys to have fun with and a cupboard bed to play "make- believe" then to dream of Neverland

  5. Hello Josje,
    Those are wonderful. the chair is genius design and it is a wonderful miniature interpretation. Great find. As for the monkey, he is enchanting! What a great piece. He will be at home in your house surrounded by your wonderful collection and incredible works of art.
    Big hug

  6. Your monkey and chair are adorable. The Scandinavian design is definitely timeless.
    Great finds.
    Cheers, Linda

  7. What lovely treasures!!! they are really wonderful.

  8. Hartstikke leuk, al dat speelgoed. Ik mis nog een mini-poppenhuis. ;-)

    1. Ja dat moet eigenlijk wel he? Dat komt er vast nog wel eens van.


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