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As I mentioned in my previous post, I was in Tune, Denmark last month where I took two classes.  The first class was with Bill Robertson.  His classes are fantastic but always a lot of work.  Most students work until late in the evening and I am no exception.  And it may come as no surprise then that my project from this class is not finished yet.  So, more on that at another time.

It was rather lovely therefore that my second class was a bit of an escape from the hard work, making shoes and a handbag.  A very relaxed class with Valeria Bonomi of Graffialuna.  

The first day we started working on the Chanel shoes and the handbag.  They are made of leather, fabric, paper and some metal elements.  I even had time to make a little wallet to match the handbag.

The handbag closes with a metal clasp.  Of course there is a little pocket for a lipstick, mirror or credit card inside the bag.  
I changed my bag and shoes a little bit from Valeria's example and left off the big Chanel labels.  I'm not a fan of showing brand names on everything.  I don't mind them inside the bag or on the sole of the shoe which will only show when you open the bag or take off the shoe ;-)    Oddly enough I did like the golden logo on the little wallet.  

On the second day we started making a pair of Converse All Star sneakers.  A totally different shoe of course, apart from the colour scheme I chose.  These shoes are made with linen and paper.  With the great patterns Valeria provided us, the shoes were easy to make.  As I said, a very relaxing class. 

 I had made shoes and bags before, a long time ago when I made my KLM roombox, but it is fun to find out how these were made.  So, the plan is to make more shoes.  But as with many of my plans for making miniatures,  it may be a long time before my plans become reality! 

PS: In the photos the left shoe is seen on the right and vice versa.  The label is placed correctly on the inside ankle ;-)  

Another PS:  I was at my desk writing this post and I noticed the reflection in the mirror.  I had to go back, take a photo and post it.  Such a nice view!


  1. What fun that has to have been. Your shoes, bag and wallet look great, very professional. ;-)

    I look forward to seeing what you made in Bill's class.

  2. Dear Josje, those shoes are fantastic! What a wonderful thing to be able to take classes from the pros! I am sure you learn a hundred special tricks and techniques! I do love the look of the handbag and shoes... all the metal parts as well as the leather... it is that combo that would be so difficult to learn on ones own! I do hope you get the chance to make more shoes for "practice" so the techniques don't slip away from lack of use! LOL! It sounds like you had a very rewarding time and I look forward to seeing your other project too!

  3. Having worked for Chanel Inc for 15 years I think I can safely say that your bag and shoes and wallet look very authentic, and I love the reflection of them in the mirror-
    But I also I love those Converse! :D

  4. Très chic!!!! I love the shoes and bag.....but best of all the 'converse'.....I wear these ALL the time (not the high sided ones though)....looks like lots of fun. X

  5. Very nice! I have the converse shoes in RL size and yours are very realistic and authentic---

  6. Hello Josje,
    Those are just fantastic. You did a terrific job...clearly you are a good student ;)
    Every item is so well done and realistic. I LOVE that last picture. Your miniature work is always so amazing and realistic. I can't wait to see more.
    Big hug

  7. Such beautiful miniature versions of items that would be appreciated in my real life closet! How realistic the Chanel bag, shoes and wallet are and the white and black colour scheme is perfection. The Converse look ready for the nearest basketball court! Lovely photography that captures their spirit and is most appreciated...Cheers, Alayne

  8. Josje, they look great! Who wouldn't believe they were real if you would have said so? Great job. I look forward to your other project in Denmark.

  9. Last picture stole my heart, it's beautiful. The shoes are so pretty, Valeria is truly good at doing them. I hope she will do a workshop in Genoa...she lives so close...

  10. Amazing work!!! They are perfect.

  11. Beautiful and perfect as always Josje

  12. Excellent work and lovely big pics too.

  13. ho les converses sont extraordinaires ! j 'adore tous les petits détails . Chanel c'est très chic mais je craque completement pour les baskets . je n 'en ai jamais vu d'aussi réussies .

  14. Hello, Josje! In every work you achieve perfection. And these are not an exception. Beautiful both pairs of shoes and a handbag with a purse. Hugs, Julia


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