The Pantry/Laundry/Toilet Area...Part 3, The Pantry

Thank you all for the New Year wishes!
Let's begin 2020 with a continued tour of the pantry/laundry/toilet area.  

The pantry is situated next to the kitchen, in front of the toilet and laundry area.  Ideally there would be a wall and door separating these areas, but as that would mean the areas in the back would be very difficult to see and access, I opted for an open space.  
 I have hung several baskets from hooks on the beam in front of the window.  Over the years I have collected many baskets, but the two hanging from the chains came from Elly's collection.  These two are possibly made by either Esmé Hofman (Netherlands) or Waldemar Backert (Germany) using traditional basket weaving materials and techniques. 

In the alcove between the two short walls I placed a kitchen work table.  The table fits perfectly.  
The lights are the same as in the laundry area, minus the glass globe shades.  I may still put those on there in the future or change them for other lights, as I am not too happy with them.

The work table is by Jane Newman.  The table was covered with tacky wax stains, but I managed to get most of them out with 'wasbenzine'.  I have never found a good translation for wasbenzine.  It is a cleaning liquid (removes grease etc.),  paint thinner and also a sticker remover.  Maybe naphtha? 

It is a simple table but I do love it.  One of the three drawers holds a collection of J.Getzan knives.  I'm sure in time I will find or make lots of items to fill these drawers with.  

One of my most recent purchases which I bought at small local fair is this sack of potatoes.  As a Dutch person of course there had to be potatoes in the pantry!  I could have made them myself, I know, I know, but I just dislike working with any kind of clay.  

I'll be on the lookout for more vegetables to put in the pantry.  Onions, garlic, maybe some leeks and kale... This area is by now means complete, but it will fill up in time.  

On the other wall, opposite the large kitchen work table, I built four spacious pantry shelves.
 I wanted to paint them a blue colour which I mixed myself, but once painted it just looked wrong. Then I spray painted them white which was too stark. The third time was the winner! It is the same colour as the toilet door. 

The little blue spice cabinet is not great quality, but painted blue and aged a bit I now like it. I also like how the 9 drawers correspond with the 9 window panes above the door. 

I finally got to play with my many kitchen pantry items I have collected over the years. A temporary display for now.  There is plenty of room to collect and make more food supplies and pantry items.  
I am going to try and to make some of the items I have in my own pantry.  There already is some Dutch tea, coffee, sugar, cookies and crisp bread on the shelves.  

Top shelf:  Cologne stoneware made by Elisabeth Causeret (France).  In fact, most of the stoneware is made by her.  The painted storage tins (third shelf from top) are made by Cees Eijking (Netherlands).  These storage tins were mostly used in shops to hold tea, coffee and such dry goods.  I have a couple in my full sized pantry as well. 

On the floor is a small and stackable wine rack I made for the pantry. The wood stain is a bit darker than I intended, but it looks OK.  Some of the wonderful wine bottles, like the ones on the shelf with the corks, are by Hanneke ter Berg Verheem of Studio Minimini.

So, as I said, I will be adding items in the future when I find or make them, but the construction work is finished in this space.  Back to working on the kitchen!


  1. Everything looks so realistic - its really impressive!

  2. Wasbenzene translates into English as gasoline. So most likely a "white gasoline" product such as sometimes gets used in camping stoves and lanterns.

    1. Thank you Karin! It could well be that, although gasoline, as in what you put in your car, is definitely not the same as wasbenzine. I've never heard of it being used in camping stoves and lanterns either. It is sometimes used in fuel lighters but most of all it is used as a cleaner. I know names for the same product can be different from country to country. I found the formula for it but that doesn't mean much to me, maybe you know it: CnH2n+2 (for instance C7H16).

  3. I love this! That blue spice cabinet looks wonderful with the stoneware and I'm in love with your wine crate/rack. I think you made the right choice on the shelf color too. Light enough that they don't look jarring and dark enough that you have some contrast with the wall.

    1. Thank you Sheila. The simplest things can turn out so good sometimes, like the spice cabinet and the wine crate/rack. Simple pleasures ;-)

  4. It's looking absolutely lovely!
    Wasbenzine in English is just plain Benzine. We use it for dry cleaning fabrics, as well as all the uses you mentioned. I always have a bottle around the house.
    I know that when I was in Germany, they called Petrol to fill up your car Benzin, and what the Americans call Gasoline, we call Diesel. I think all these chemicals are related but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what is what.

    1. Yes exactly Megan! It is used for cleaning fabrics here as well, great for getting grease stains out. In fact, the first part of the word 'was' means washing. It is the same here as in Germany, we call petrol 'benzine'. So a gas station or petrol station is a benzinestation in Dutch. Diesel is also called diesel here. Yes it is confusing. Googling doesn't help in this case. We'll go with Benzine in England then ;-)
      Thanks so much!

  5. Just wonderful and so inspiring.

  6. Wat een droom van een bijkeuken, Josje! Heel mooi! En zo te zien ben jij dol op koekjes ... ;-)

  7. Me encanta como estás dejando tanto la cocina como la despensa. La manera de colgar las cesta de las cadenas es muy original. Muy bien elegido el color y la estructura de la ventana sobre la puerta. Se ve todo muy realista.

  8. It's all so beautiful. I love your baskets and the flowers are gorgeous.

  9. There's nothing quite as satisfying to a homemaker than well-stocked pantry shelves and I truly admire the look of yours! The display of baskets overhead, and the filled knife drawer, are a mini Feast for the Eyes as well!