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Hello friends! 

It has been a while since I posted here, but after a few months with accidents and Covid19,  I finally have some news to share with you. 

During my inactive past months I enjoyed watching YouTube videos.  As I often get asked how I make my miniatures, houses and roomboxes, and to explain techniques I use,  I decided to breathe some life into my existing YouTube channel and make more videos for it. The new name of the channel is:

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A few of the tutorials which featured on my old website will make a come-back in video format as wel as new tutorials on techniques, tools, building and making miniatures.  And  I will be exploring collections and designs, tips and ideas relevant to miniatures.  My mind is filled with ideas!

My equipment is nothing fancy and editing is loads of work, so this is not a fast process, but several tutorials and a tour of my first canal house are in the making. 

The first tutorial I ever did on YouTube was in 2008,  'Printing fabric on an inkjet printer' (part one and two).  These were followed three years later by  'Gilding miniatures with gold leaf'(part one and two).
Part three of 'Gilding miniatures with gold leaf' has now been published:

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I hope you'll enjoy the video's.  Please join me on YouTube at:

  Make Miniatures with Josje.


  1. Hoi Josje, wat leuk om een nieuwe video te maken. Toevallig heb knettergek en startset vergulden voor mijn verjaardag gekregen van mijn vriend. Dus ik zal de video's met veel interesse bekijken. Succes met de toekomstige projecten.



    1. Knettergek :-) Het ligt een beetje aan de lijm die je gebruikt, maar in feite is het heel makkelijk. Ik vind het geweldig, al dat goud in mijn poppenhuis. Bij jouw huis past dat ook erg goed.
      Dank je wel!