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A few months ago I was interviewed for a story in the Dutch dolls house magazine Poppenhuizen & Miniaturen. The June-July issue was rele...

A few months ago I was interviewed for a story in the Dutch dolls house magazine Poppenhuizen & Miniaturen. The June-July issue was released last Friday with a picture of my dolls house dining room on the front cover. What a great surprise!

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  1. Leuk om in zo'n blad te staan. Ik heb hem gisteren gelezen. Jouw website kende ik al en je maakt supermooie miniaturen. Leuk om toch weer net iets andere foto's van dat alles te zien.
    Geniet van je "beroemdheid" in poppenhuisland.

    Groetjes van Kim

  2. Congrats, Josje! Spotlight well earned!

    I love how you also keep a moodboard/diary, now I really don't feel silly anymore doing the same :)


  3. Gefeliciteerd Josje!!!!

    Ik heb hem niet in huis maar ga hem morgen meteen kopen....geniet er maar lekker van!


  4. Congratulations, how wonderful for you, so well deserved....only wish we could get the magazine here!!

    Regards, Linda

  5. Congratulations Josje! It looks like a beautiful article. Love your blog!

  6. Felicidades, te lo mereces. Me encantaria poder adquirir la revista., no, sé si en España, se publica.
    Un besito Carmen.

  7. Here's to Josje! Congratulations on the magazine feature! I love the blue flowers in your blog banner and icon...did you make them?

  8. Congratulations! It is indeed an honour to be featured on the front page. Your work is wonderful and should be shown.

  9. Congratulations on your article, Josje! I just "tagged" you in the pick six game. I also broke the rules and provided a link to your site as well as to one of the pictures of your kitchen. It's SO cool. I know you just were selected by someone else to do the pick six; so I wouldn't expect you to repeat the exercise. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. It's a delight reading your blog.
    George Held

  10. How wonderful Josje! I am not at all surprised that they chose your house for the cover, it is so beautiful and perfect.

  11. Josje, another congratulations from me! I share Mercedes' sentiments :). Will you post larger pictures of you rooms? That library of yours look stunning!! All this just whets appetites for more more more !

  12. Thank you all for your sweet comments! I do feel honoured they asked me for the interview and put my name and picture on the front cover.

    Silly Grumbler, it's not silly at all! I love my diary. It has proven very useful too because apart from ideas I keep in there, I also write down what paint I have used, some prices and other bits of information which I tend to forget after a while. I make little postcard sized 'mood boards' with samples of wallpaper and paint used in my dolls house to take with me to shows. Especially for picking colours this has been very useful.

    Carmen, unfortunately I don't think you'll be able to get the magazine in Spain.

    Mary, although I do make flowers from scratch, I made these blue fowers with the help of a kit by Bonny Lavish ( ). The kits are quite good and easy to make. I always add a little extra of my own to kits, in this case I have used several coats of water colour paint. The paper takes watercolour paint really well. I made these last autumn using a real live example in my garden for my colour guide.

    Thanks for the tag George! I'll go over to your site in a minute and have a look.

    Sans, I will show pictures of the whole house. I've tried to take new photo's of the library, but somehow it is difficult to photograph. I'm very busy with non-mini related things now, but I promise I will post some pictures soon.

    Groeten, Josje

  13. Nothing but what your work deserves. I bought my first silver piece at Simp. I kept all the time thinking of you while purchasing it. You have been such an ispiration! Thank you very much. Rosanna

  14. Only Yesterday I had the change to read the New and Improved P&M. A well deserved honour to be on the frontpage Josje, as it's all in the details. As you said (freely translated); It has to fit the facts.

    And I totaly endorse your view that it's not so much the way things work out or end up, but the road leading up to it. The research, the learning of new techniques, the finding out...

    And when the endresult doesn't 'fit the facts' there's no man overboard. It's just again something to learn from or to try something diffrent.

    Congratulations and well done,
    (who can't get to her blogger account, help haha)

  15. Congratulations! What a gorgeous house. No wonder they wanted it on the cover.

  16. Congratulations and what a beautiful house! I love your work. I was very happy to read that you'll be posting more pictures, I'm looking forward to seeing them!

  17. Congratulations, Josje! What an honor to be selected for the cover! I love the pictures featured in the magazine, but I second Sans' request for more pictures, whenever you have time, of course. The more I see of your beautiful work, the more I want to see!

  18. Congratulations! And well deserved, you are an amazing miniature artist, the pictures look stunning and I can't wait to see them in a larger size!

  19. hello,congratulations on your article,i like your miniatures and house too much.
    thank you for visiting my blog,i bought the kitchen in, i said how i wanted my black kitchen,and elizabeth made the black kitchen for me,she makes wonderful furnitures.
    best whishes.

  20. Rosanna, I'm pleased I inspired you to buy some silver. Love the basket you got in Paris!

    Thank you shale!

    Maia, Texas Belle and Pubdoll, thank you all! I'm taking new pictures to show you here, but the sun is very fickle and is hiding quite a bit. And I do need a bit of sunshine to get good pictures!

    Amaya, it is a lovely kitchen you've got. I do know elf miniatures, they make such wonderful modern miniatures!

    Regards, Josje