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I've been tagged again! This time by Sylvia of lotjesdollshouse . The rules of this tag are: Name the person who tagged you, mention 6 t...

I've been tagged again! This time by Sylvia of lotjesdollshouse. The rules of this tag are: Name the person who tagged you, mention 6 things that you like and 6 people that you are tagging, leave them a note on their blogs. I am bending the rules a little bit, as I am only going to tag one person (isn't that how the real game is played ?).
I am tagging Eliza of Wasting Gold Paper. Eliza is quite young but has been a miniaturist for ten years and has amassed a lovely collection of miniatures which she displays in her pretty Victorian dolls house. She also makes wonderful 1:144 scale miniatures.

Here are six things I like:

*1* I like teapots. That may have something to do with the fact that I like tea. But I also like the shape of them. Amongst my favourites are 17th and 18th century pots. The miniature silver one in the photo was made by Jens Torp, based on a 18th century pot from Brugge.

*2* I like silver objects. Most silver pieces in my dolls house were made by Jens Torp. His silver miniatures are absolutely beautiful. The pictures on his website don't do the silver miniatures justice.

*3* I like porcelain and earthenware, especially with blue and white patterns. Most of my porcelain pieces are by Henny Staring-Egberts and by Cocky Wildschut (both from the Netherlands).

*4* I like hand knitted sweaters, socks, hats and gloves. The two beautiful sweaters at the top of the picture (not mine, but I do love them) were knitted by Althea Crome, they are little pieces of art! The work in progress is something I've been working on for several years now, I'm on my last sleeve. It will get done I'm sure (even if it takes me another couple of years!)

*5* I like embroidery on articles of clothing and on furniture. The miniatures on the photo's above are very high on my wishlist! The two caskets are embroidered by Annelle Ferguson, who will be teaching this class at the Guild School in Castine, starting tomorrow! The pretty embroidered slippers were made by Annelies de Kort.

*6* I like to peek through windows.

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  1. WOW!!You have some devine miniatures!!!! So wonderful!!!! Love the silver tea pot...beautiful!!

    Regards, Linda

  2. Thank you Linda. But just to clarify, not all of them are mine. The silver teapot is! The embroidered casket in the fourth photo top right was sold during the auction of the Guild School two years ago for $4000! Not to me I must say, although I'd love to have bid for it if I could have afforded it. I've changed the text so that there won't be any confusion over my collection ;-)

  3. Those are the most beautiful slippers.
    I also love your mirror. Have you made this mirror yourself or ?

  4. Hi Reiko, yes, I did make the mirror. It is quite easy and cheap to do. I'll do a post on how I've made it later today or tomorrow!

  5. Beautiful miniatures...the teapot is splendid and the embroidered slippers are wonderful

  6. Beautiful slippers and the knitting is outstanding!!