Floral frontage

In my previous post I showed you the pretty and rare little Clematis which appeared in my garden a few days ago. I've now transplanted it to a temporary pot (I am a bit short on plant pots at the moment, so the Clematis will have to share for a while) and put it outside the front door of my Canal house. It is looking lovely in its new position!

I must admit however that I got the nomenclature wrong. I am sorry to have mislead you, but while I thought this Clematis to be a 'Little Fiddly', it was actually Clematis microflorum 'Blooming Easy'. If you'd like to plant one of these lovelies yourself, you can visit these nurseries in the US or in the UK.

As I was snapping away, taking pictures of the lovely flowers decorating the Amsterdam coat of arms over the front door, I noticed the flowers had already started to attract the attention of the local wildlife!

Look! A beautiful butterfly has landed on one of the flowers. Amazing to see those little creatures in a busy city center.

Now if a butterfly doesn't just fly over and land on your flowers, like it did on mine, don't despair. I happen to know that your can buy butterflies on the internet! They will be sent in a sturdy little container where the butterflies will be perfectly safe and happy until you let them out. To buy your own butterflies (also known as 'God's Flying Flowers') go here.

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  1. Oh how sweet!
    I've managed to grow one of these Blooming Easy clematises in pink for my Mary's garden :D

  2. You are too funny :-)

    It looks fabulous !

  3. Love your work Josje, my pink clematis is also in full bloom and looking lovely, I'm sure one of those butterflys are going to come my way!!!Beautiful!!

  4. It is wonderful. I tought it was real, and I enlarged the pictures twice!!
    Great job!!


  5. sorry....me again!! I enlarged the first photo, the three little birds you have on the step and railings are a delight!! You have some lovely ideas Josje...wish I lived closer!!!!!

  6. Lol! I, too, thought this was real at first. It adds such a beautiful touch to your front door. Like Linda, I love all the extra little details you have here and there for us to find.

  7. Thanks all! I made the Clematis a week ago, when the weather was so hot. Sat out in the garden in the shade, it was the perfect job to do. Also close to a real clematis in flower which I used as a referece to growth habit, colour etc.
    This past week was very wet (good for the plants, not so good for mini-making outside), so perfect to fiddle with miniatures indoors.

    Linda and Texas Belle, the birds are sparrows. Aren't they cute? I've got two more sitting on the steps (which obviously you can't see in the picture). You do see them a lot in cities here, although apparently their numbers are dwindling fast.

  8. Hi Josje - I love your clematis - it looks so lovely climbing up the canal house door. Your work is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog. The dishes are the same pattern as a set my Grandmother had. I am slowly trying to collect a whole set. They are beautiful, aren't they? I'm glad you have them, too!. Have a wonderful day.

  9. Hi forgot to tell you - my niece and her family are living in Amsterdam for 2 years. They are finishing up the first year. We hope to visit them sometime this next year!

  10. Jeetje Josje...bedankt voor het misleiden,ik heb dagen op mijn knieen door mijn tuin en van de buren gekropen op zoek naar zo'n mini plantje!!!!

    Maar het kwartje is gevallen en begrijp nu pas dat het een exemplaar is van jou hand....natuurlijk!!!!

    LOL:) ik vind het weer prachtig josje!

  11. I love how you "found" the plant in the garden and then transplanted it there! Great idea!
    Love the sparrows, they are very common in Norway too, but dwindling here as well!

  12. I always love your pictures and the stories that go with them! It's the details that bring miniatures to life and closer to the viewer and you have so many beautiful ones.

  13. Claudia, if you're in the area and want to drop by for a visit, let me know!

    Sabiha, ik zie het beeld al voor me, op je knieën door de tuin kruipend :) Het was natuuuuurlijk niet te bedoeling je te misleiden...

    Thanks Angie!

    Pubdoll, I am glad to have quite a big group of sparrows in our garden. I love their busy twittering!

    Thank you Maia! That's one thing I like about blogger, it lets you show the pictures very big, great for all the detail!

  14. I love your photo capturing the butterfly visiting your dainty flowers. The picture is simply lovely.

  15. Thank you Kindergarten girl!

  16. That's a beautiful door scene Josje! Such dainty little flowers and petals on their vines. That is a great place for the monarch butterfly, too.

  17. Thanks Julia. Your butterflies are beautiful. I still have to take pictures of the other ones I bought from you, but you know how it is...so many ideas, not enough time. I hope you are finding time for 'creative endeavors'?

  18. ...or your front door. That's fantastic, and the minimonarch is lovely!


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