Look what I found in my garden!

Oh my! I've discovered a rare species of Clematis clambering up through a hydrangea in my garden. It is Clematis microflorum 'Little Fiddly'.

Clematis microflorum 'Little Fiddly': Charming, deep blue flowers with conspicuous butter yellow stamens.

Slow to germinate, seeds may lay dormant for many years. If attended to properly in the developing stages, it blooms profusely and is one of the longest flowering varieties. Once established and flowering, the flowers will last for many, many seasons.

As it is a very slow grower, no pruning is required if it doesn’t hinder other plants’ growth. In case of necessity, prune before flowering.
Ideal for growing over fences, walls, or scrambling over rocks and old stumps. Particularly useful for planting near small trees, shrubs and conifers. It makes good ground cover. A very hardy plant with low requirements.


  1. Hehee... wonderful post! Your clematis is just beautiful.

  2. Wat een leuke verassing zeg, hij ziet er prachtig uit. Ik hoop dat je er alng van mag genieten.
    Groetjes van Kim

  3. Beautiful Josje....It looks lovely!!!

  4. So small and yet so beautiful, perfect for a mini maker

  5. Thank you hannajaleijona! ;)

    Dank je Kim, dat gaat wel lukken, jaaaaaaren lang denk ik.

    Thank you Linda. I have seen it also grows well in Tasmania... Perhaps I've used the wrong name for it, I think it should be Clematis microflorum 'Bloomin' Easy'. All that nomenclature isn't easy!

    Yes Rosanna, it is perfect for the mini maker...;)

  6. I thought first it was a real flower!
    Fantastic work and I loved the story :-)

  7. Oh my! In case of discovery, plant very close to your dollhouse chimney...
    I am finally reading your blog from the beginning, and came to this one. I really love that tiny clematis; I wonder if it still grows for you...Thank you for sharing your photographs!

    1. You're welcome Martha. Thank you for your lovely comment.
      The clematis still grows ;-) although it is a little bit faded now...


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