The Vanishing Rabbit

I have been working hard on a project for which I have had to do a lot of sawing. A lot of sawdust and wood shavings had accumulated in my...

I have been working hard on a project for which I have had to do a lot of sawing. A lot of sawdust and wood shavings had accumulated in my workshop. The only clean spot left was where I had taken some photographs in preparation for a commission for one of my chairs. Time for a good clean up.

After I had cleared away the bigger pieces I went after the sawdust with the vacuum cleaner. It gives me such a satisfactory feeling to see my worktops so clean after only a few quick sweeps!

As I was putting a chair back into my dolls house I noticed I was missing my little rabbit. My little scruffy rabbit which always sits on one of the chairs in the drawing room. It is a little beige rabbit with some black stitching on it, the colours are a bit like, well, like sawdust really. You get the picture, right?

I had to cut open the vacuum cleaner bag -which was completely full of course- and sort through all of the dust and scraps of wood etcetera. Finally, there it was, poor thing. All dirty and dusty. I gave it a little reprimand, but only because I had been so concerned you see. Then I gave it a good clean and put it back on the chair by the fire, nice and cosy.

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  1. I understand how worried you must have been... Fortunately you found your beautiful little rabbit. Terrible thing can happen when you hoover, I know it, I had the experience.

  2. Poor wee thing, he must have been as worried as you. I'd have been upset ! he is such a darling little rabbit. Hoovers can be really terrifying. have a nice day Rosanna

  3. Goodness, I'm so happy you found him. Quite an adventure for a small rabbit like him. Character-building experience, I'm sure.

  4. Oh god,I have been in panik .Glad you found the little rabbit,he is so lovely! Jeannette

  5. I think your little wee rabbit has nesting instincts. Saw dust will make a nice little nest. Perhaps one of these days you'll have a whole litter of little bunnies.
    But I am glad you saved her from the bin! Worst fate ever.

    You can make a new movie... 'Honey, I shrunked the Bunny!'

  6. Silly rabbit!

    Talk about an adventure, that wasn't a rabbit hole after all!

    Glad you found him. :)

  7. What a big adventure for a little rabbit!
    Lucky you realised he was gone before you emptied the vacuum bag!

  8. Your little rabbit is so cute, you were very lucky to find him and bring him to life again,

  9. Oh, I am so glad you found that little bunny! It must have been scary being in the vacuum cleaner bag! I hope you gave him lots of cuddles!


  10. I am rolling and laughing only because the scenario of vacuuming up small parts is all to familiar in my world. I don't care to count the times I have sorted through the vacuum contents looking for something.

  11. Poor Bunny! So glad you found him! He almost met his untimely demise! I am going to go backwards through your blog when I get time. Glad to have found you.


  12. Eind goed, al goed ... Volgende keer goed opletten, hoor; o)

    Wat was je mee bezig aan het nieuwe workshop zagen ..?


  13. Poor cute little thing.... hopefully he does not have a dust allergy!!!!

  14. I'm just glad I realized he must have been in the vacuum cleaner. I have had a couple of things dissappear in the past of which I now think I must have vacuumed them up.

    Karin, yes when you hear that familiar sound going up through the hose...oops! In the house they are usually Lego parts, but in the workshop...

    Thanks Jody, and so I have found you too!

    Ja Lisette, ik zal beter opletten ;) Ik ben met een opdracht bezig, maar daar pas meer over wanneer het af is en dat duurt nog een paar maanden!

    Synnøve, I'm the one with the dust allergy, the bunny seems fine, haha.

  15. It must have been so terrifying for poor rabbit. And you scolded him? :(

    But yes, I bet he knew it's cos you cared and was worried sick. I would be too. After you dug through the sawdust, did you decide to keep the dust? It's very good to make trees with or say my friend, the treewizard told me.

  16. Paniek in huize Josje!!!! Ik ben blij voor je dat je dit prachtige konijntje weer hebt terug gevonden....zo te zien is hij weer van de schrik bekomen en jij hopelijk ook!


  17. Happy Valentines day Josje!!!

    Synnøve x

  18. The little rabbit was worth searching for - he is very, very sweet.

  19. Oh bless poor little Rabbit. Glad you found it.x

  20. Arme little rabbit, maar gelukkig hij zit alweer op zijn prachtige stoel.

    Groetjes Natascha

  21. Your little rabbit still looks a bit traumatized.
    Poor thing! I hope you gave him a wee hug and a small carrot too.

  22. So glad you found the rabbit. He is just too cute to lose.

    Carey from Chicory Nits

  23. Oh, your blog is amazing, I am in awe of your miniatures. Thank goodness you found your rabbit. It sounds like a great children's story with a happy ending. He looks quite comfy on that chair. As I browse your blog I just can't believe how lifelike you can create your miniatures. What a lovely world.

  24. Sans, there has been a steady supply of sawdust lately, so I don't need to save it ;-) But making trees with sawdust? I have never heard of that. How is that done?

    Noh Sabiha, ik ben niet zo paniekerig hoor! Maar ik vind het wel zonde als ik iets mis. Vanochtend miste ik weer een mini-mini boekje en een brief die op het bureau in de Studeerkamer stonden. Waar ik die nou weer gelaten heb...?

  25. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! He is a cute little rabbit, isn't he? He was amongst my first purchases when I just got into dolls houses, about 6 years ago. He was made by Dave Pennant of Teeny Weeny Teddies.

    Thank you for you kind words and compliments Karen!