Work and Study

I have been sitting at my desk a lot lately, working hard on a new miniature project. This project is a commission which will keep me busy until May. I know I may be making some of you curious, but I will reveal all when it is finished.

After work it is time to relax. What could be nicer than to curl up in a comfy chair by the fire with a good book and a cup of tea? 'That's not tea!' I hear you say. Well no, that's a glass of cognac and a nearly empty bottle of whisky. But that is not the chair I am going to sit in either ;-)

Both photos show the Study in my Canal House with some wonderful items by miniature artists from all over the world.
Click photos for a better view!


  1. Josje, I know your Canal house very well, so I'll just want to let you know that I shall not be tricked! I have been a regular visitor since WAY back to your Dutch blog! Actually, I know it so well that I am planning on applying for a tour guide job the minute the position becomes vacant!

    You have collected absolutely amazing things from ALL over! Today, that beautiful purse/wallet caught my eye! Not to mention any of the other things. (This room will make William Morris happy!)

    Whichever chair you do choose to relax in; Enjoy the tea and the good book!

  2. Haha, thank you for your job application Lize! You'll be the first on my list when I open the house up to visitors.

    Yes, many elements in this room were inspired by William Morris. I love his work!

    The purse/wallet you are referring to is a little leather organizer by José M. Gomez from Spain. His leather items are amazing.

  3. Thank you for the little close ups. I love the little Filo-fax and stamp thingy. Enjoy your time by the fire. Cheers!

  4. Oh, my goodness, I had to do a double take.

    I thought the first picture was life size!

  5. It's hard to believe the photos show miniatures. They are truly beautiful with a cosy atmosphere. I had a look at your canal house it's superb and there are so many great things in it.

  6. I'm always amazed at how realistic your house looks, and the study is one of my favorites! I have pictures of it saved in my "someday I want to live here" folder.

  7. Those miniatures are awesome and the light pictures very warm. Congratulations because you have achieve the better atmosphere, cosy so realistic.

  8. Oh my, this is the sweetest ever. I cannot believe how you can create such amazing details in your miniature design. Such an enchanting gift.

  9. Art Nouveau is one of my favourite styles, and I love William Morris too, so no wonder I absolutely love this room! I first couldn't believe these gems were miniatures, you really have a fantastic collection!

  10. I thought the first one was one of your RL life office! I love all the detail in your house. Teresa

  11. I was fooled too Josje, I really thought the first pic was your desk, your minis are always so amazing! Can't wait to see what you are working on...

  12. I'm really speechless - the work you have done is truly amazing! I'm going to spend hours in your blog - despite it's probably going to be expensive for me as I already ordered some flower kits. Now I'm drooling after the butterflies :D

  13. Absolutely precious your collection of miniatures and the ambience that involves them.

  14. What can I say, Josje! Unbelievable!

  15. I actually thought the first photo was of your own home until you said it was the Canal House! Wonderful.


  16. Love the leadlight lamp, it's gorgeous!
    I thought this was your study as well. Very realistic!
    LL Nat

  17. Can't believe that it isn't real,looks absolutely amazing!Jeannette

  18. I love this living room scene! I want the Scale Cabinet Maker issues that show how to make mission style furniture as I want to make some for my log cabin--it will be a long time coming as well!


  19. Beutiful details, it lookes so realistic!
    Fantastic miniature scene!

  20. Could not believe it was the mini size, it looks like normal size. Your furniture is of very good work.'m Really looking forward to that you could come to me.
    The little rabbit was absolutely adorable!


  21. Well Josje, if I had not snooped so many times in your Dutch blog you could have fooled me. I shall not add anything to what everyone has already written and thought.Enough to say that any time I look at your work I suffer from Stendhal Sindrome. Have a nice evening Rosanna

  22. Josje, I've passed you a Sunshine Award and you can pick it up from my Tenement blog. I do enjoy your work.

  23. I was sure this was your real 1:1 desk... LOL!!!!
    Everything looks so amazing!!!

  24. Hello Josje:
    There's an award for you on my blog.
    Thank you for such inspiring pictures.

  25. I have an award for you on my blog if you would like to play along.

    If you would like me to mail you some Lite Brite pegs let me know. I've got plenty to share.

  26. Hey, Josje you have received many awards and well-deservedly too! Here's one more, at

  27. Hello Josje!
    It´s wonderfull!I admire your work!
    I have an award for you on my blog ;-)

  28. Hi there, there's an award waiting for you in my blog, have a wonderful weekend,


  29. Josje wat maak je toch prachtige dingen.
    Als je wilt ik heb een sunshine award voor je op mijn blog, groetjes.

  30. Hi Josje,

    Again wonderfull pictures!
    Working on a commission...!?!
    I do hope that you still have the time to work on your own house as well.

  31. Wat een mooie dingen maak je toch,zo gedetailleerd allemaal.
    Ik heb een Sunshine Award voor je maar nu lees ik dat je er al een van Gonda heb gekregen.
    Maar goed het gaat om het idee.
    Ik ben verslaaft aan je blog geraakt.

  32. Hello Josje,an award is waiting for you on my blog ;-)!Jeannette

  33. Goodness me, thank you for all the award nominations! I think I have counted 9 of them here. Thank you all for thinking of me, it is much appreciated!

    And of course a big thank you to all of you who have commented on my miniature study.

    Jeffry: Yes a commission...(is it making you curious, haha??) Actually several commissions, but the first one is keeping me busy for at least two more months. I will tell you all about it later. It does mean I don't have time to work on my own house...Will I see you in Arnhem?

  34. PS Rosanna: way too much praise...! But thank you anyway ;-)

  35. Josje,

    I was also fooled buy your desk. It is perfectly charming. Each one of the items on the desk top looks like it belongs there.
    What a gorgeous house too!
    I turned a pale shade of green (with envy)when I saw the gorgeous French bergere you made. I LOVE it!!!

  36. Josje, Arnhem? Ronan-Jim Sevellec? Dying of envy! Please take loads of pics :).

  37. Josje,
    I have already signed up for this giveaway (and I hope I can win!!), so this is just to let you know there is an award awaiting for you on my blog



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