I love you, but...

This handsome fellow walked into our house this summer. Isn't he gorgeous? He's also the sweetest, most cuddly cat I ever met. My son wants him to stay. I want him to stay. That is, until I see the sclera of my eye wrinkle to resemble the skin of a Shar-Pei...No, not good for me.

Ahhh, the smell of sawdust...Don't you just love it? I do too. I have done a lot of cutting and sanding the last few months and I love it. Yes I do wear a dust mask most of the time. However, the itchy skin and eyes, sniffles and sneezes tell me that the mask is not enough though. No, not good for me.

If you're Dutch you'll recognize what's in the glass jar. For the rest of you, it is a chocolate bar. I love them and eat a lot of them. But somehow I don't react well to them. I slowly swell up, usually starting in the middle of my body and then it gradually starts spreading up and down. Recovery takes a long time. No, not good for me.


  1. Hoi Josje, beroerd hè allergieën. Sterkte met herstellen en nemen van de beslissing dat de kat weg moet en het sterk zijn bij andere verleidingen die slecht voor je zijn :-(

  2. Jij bent ook niet alleen met een vervelende allergieën. Ik ben last van een velen allergieën van poes, stof, schuren, stuifmeel en bepaalde kleurstoffen. Volgende week ga ik bij KNO arts voor medicijnen. Ik ga niet in isolement wonen, hi. Alleen verstandig is om geen poes in huis nemen.

  3. Wat een schat, het poezenkind....
    En lastig om allergies te zijn voor al die dingen.
    Maar Josje, Sharpei's zijn wel vreselijk lief hi, hi
    Sterkte met alles,

    Groetjes Sylvia

  4. Allergieën zijn vreselijk maar ik kan me ook voorstellen dat het vreselijk is voor jullie om voor het poezebeest weer een ander mandje te moeten zoeken want het is echt een pracht kat. In elk geval zijn de minibrosjes goed opgeborgen.


    Groetjes, Roelie

  5. Lots of things are not good for you but ... all beautiful!
    Always so: the more we like something, the more we hurt :-(
    Mini hugs, Flora

  6. What a beautiful cat!!!!

    If I gave up everything that wasn't good for me, I wouldn't have any fun at all!

  7. Such a gorgeous cat i hope he finds a good home we rescued a cat just over a year ago he was just thrown out because his previous owners got a dog and were not interested in him any more he was so ill and starved now he's loved he's gorgeous and very loving we now have six cats its a big sacrifice but well worth it. i hope something good comes for him soon

  8. Why is it all the really nice things aren't good for us. Well you can't give up everything you love can you? Beautiful cat and I believe a happy, purring cat gives off good vibes.

  9. Hello Josie, I did a great pleasure to read your comment on my blog! I do not imagine that you followed me ...
    I see you like a lighthouse in the night and my works are so humble ...
    thanks greetings, I'll try to make my blog more interesting so that you can come again!

    regarding your post, there are many other things that I like and that hurt me, unfortunately we have to accept everything in life positively, because someone could have been worse!
    many many kisses!!!

  10. Met de poes gaat het prima! Er zijn vele mensen die hem net zo leuk vinden als wij, dus dat gaat goed. En de overige allergieën, tja, daar leer je mee leven ;) (...en zij veegde nog eens haar neus af, haha!)

    The cat is fine, there are many people who love him just as much as we do! And as for the rest of my allergies, well that is something you learn to live with ;) (...and she wipes her nose yet another time, haha!)

  11. Love your blog! Hope this beautiful kitty gets a good home. Please visit my blog when you have a minute. I write about my mini projects, my three corgis, my two black cats, my travels and my flowers.

  12. Thank you Sharon! I'll go over to your blog right now.

  13. Beautiful blog! When I was a little girl, my favorite thing was the dollhouse my grandfather gave me. I loved the miniature furniture.


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