Perfect timing

Two days ago my friend A. came to visit me. A. and I met a few years ago at one of Jens Torp's classes. We get along very well together, we live only about 15 miles away from each other and have very similar tastes in miniatures. I love to visit fairs with A. as neither of us will blink an eyelid when spending a small fortune on a beautiful miniature.

A. is a talented miniaturist (although she doesn't think so herself). She brought two of her most recent works to show me, a lovely hand woven basket and a beautiful walking stick, carved to resemble cane with a silver tip and a silver decorative band just below the handle. I don't have a picture to show you, but look what else she brought:

'That's just great', I can hear you think 'but WHAT is it?' Well, it's a very fancy vacuum cleaner. A. runs her own business as a dental technician and uses many machines and tools which are also perfect for miniature making. A. replaced this dust extractor by new one and brought this one over for me to use. If you have read my last post you understand how perfect this is for me!

I can plug in my sander or circular saw and hook up the machine with the hose. Of course you could use a vacuum cleaner too, but this machine will switch on automatically when using the saw and has a very quiet motor so much less noise! Great!

I am still working on some commissions, so I don't have many miniatures to show you. On top of my new machine is one of my nearly finished commissions.


  1. Muy buen idea y muy buena amiga.
    Estoy deseando ver todo lo que estás haciendo.
    Besos Clara.

  2. Wow! The tools are not beautiful but it makes life really easy :-)
    Your friend is a generous genius!
    (the chair is fabulous, even in a location so unusual ...)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  3. well, I'm happy for you, now you can breathe properly while you do the thumbnails!
    Your friend A. is an electronics genius, and very very generous!
    congratulations on the chair. absolutely beautiful!

  4. Oh you chair is amazing, do you carve the wooden frame yourself. I would love to be able to do that. That vacuum will be such a help, what a generous and thoughtful friend. No doubt we will see more of you carving in future?

  5. This is a really nifty vacuum cleaner! Posts like this are very interesting to me :)Doesn't always have to be about the minis themselves :).

  6. Yes she is a lovely friend (and I'm not saying that because she brought me the vacuum cleaner).

    Oh Flora some tools really are beautiful! Not this one though, and you are so right in saying they make life really easy...

    Margaret, I don't do any carving on the chair. Just a lot of cutting (sawing), filing and sanding.

    I'm with you on that Sans! I like to see how others have their workrooms fitted out, what kind of tools they use etc.

  7. The chair is very nice. Interesting to hear about the vacuum cleaner, I wondered what it was!

  8. Quando vi a foto pensei que era uma máquina de encomelher móveis de verdade transformando em miniaturas... hehehehe. Muito boa sua idéia do aspiradorde pó.


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