It is tea time...

...and you're all invited. I wanted to show you this wonderful tea caddy I bought a few monts ago...Based on an original eightee...

...and you're all invited.

I wanted to show you this wonderful tea caddy I bought a few monts ago...Based on an original eighteenth century apple tea caddy, this miniature version has an ivory interior filled with tea and a silver tea spoon. The tea caddy was made by Vonas Miniaturen. I'm afraid they don't have a website, but they do come to the shows in Paris, Soest (Germany) and Arnhem (Netherlands).

I got a little bit carried away taking photos, so here is a slideshow I made of them.

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  1. A beautiful piece to own and enjoy. Mmmm a cup of tea sounds very good to me too!

  2. Beautiful! Is that real tea in the pot?

  3. I love tea Janice! There is always one brewing here, so if you´re ever in the area...

    Eliza, only the last two photos where the tea is in the cup, that´s real tea. The other photos, pouring etc, that´s freehand painting on my photoshop program. I enjoy a little trickery now and then. Real tea would be too ´thick´ to pour down the spout. Even the spoon wouldn´t really go under in the tea, I had to help that a little bit too.

  4. Beautiful!!!

    I love your tea set and the cup its so lovely.

    Great photos!!!

  5. Thanks Arantxa!

    Eliza, did you mean the tea in the tea caddy? Yes that is real tea.

  6. It is beautiful Josje, no wonder you got carried away taking photos!!!!

  7. Your photoshop skill is amazing :). I must show this to my sis, whom many regard as the Queen of Photoshop :):).

    I have never seen an apple tea caddy and so I googled and my goodness, this is an exact replica. So well made too. I found one that measures 4.5" by 4.5" which I thought was very small for a real tea caddy. You can hardly store much tea and maybe people just buy them in that kind of quantity because tea is pricey. Do they generally come in this size? Is yours based on this size?

  8. It is a beautiful tea catty! I love the inside too.

    I see them alot in antique shops in the USA.

    Your slide show was wonerful!!!

  9. Thank you for these beautiful photos.
    Thank you for the nice cup of tea too.

  10. An absolute treasure... down to the tiny key hole!
    And your photos....
    Thanks for the tea, and I am admiring all your other treasures too. Tray (which I am sure you made), lovely tea set, and of course the silver...

    Please pour me another cup?

  11. Thank you Elga!

    Sans, tea was first imported to Europe by the Dutch in 1610. Tea drinking didn't catch on until around 1639, when tea drinking started in Holland at court. Tea was enormously expensive, so tea caddies were very small. In the eighteenth century prices had dropped, but tea was still only affordable by the wealthy. As prices dropped, tea caddies got bigger.
    My tea caddy is 2x2 cm, so 24x24 cm in real life, which is actually quite big for a tea caddy of this style.
    I sometimes like to use photoshop, it just takes so much time! I usually use the freehand painting tool.

    Thank you Catherine! I like the inside too, although mostly tea caddies had a lead lined interior. Makes you wonder how healthy the tea was if they stored it in a lead container.

  12. Thank you for such beautiful photos.

  13. Your welcome Piikko!

    I'll just put the kettle on again Lize. The tea set is from Stokesay ware and the silver tea set is by Mike Sparrow. Yes you're right, the butler tray and stand were made by me.

    Fresh tea is ready again!

  14. Dankjewel Josje voor je lieve woorden op mijn blog...
    Wat een prachtige foto's van je theeschenkerijtje. Prachtig theedoosje maar ook je theepotje vind ik super...

    groet Heleni

  15. I realized that the tea is real, but ... hot water, too?? :))
    too funny! We all learned how to make a real English tea .. great!!
    make thumbnails, not just shrink objects, you also think small and act as if you were in the land of Lilliput! :))
    thanks for this emotion, you always surprise me!
    Good Sunday to you.

  16. Oh, how lucky you are to have found such a gorgeous and unique piece. And the scene is set and photographed so beautifully....I feel I am there, ready for my tea!

  17. Josje, I truly enjoied your tea time. The tea caddy is wonderful I'm so lucky to own a piece made by Vonas Miniatures and I can only too well imagine how perfect it is in real. I love tea as well but not as much as I loved your phooshop. Brilliant! Thank you for the nice comments you leave to me, I always think of writing to you but lately real life has been so intrusive that it makes me feel dizzy. Hopefully it wont last long. Have a nice evening, Rosanna
    PS I giggle any time that I think at your dream :o) alas my home is not 70s and it's not chic... more like a dollshouse.At least for the size ;o)

  18. Heel erg mooi Josje!
    Dank je wel voor de lekkere thee, ik heb ervan genoten ;)


  19. The slideshow is just too cute! Your tea caddy is amazing. You have so many beautiful pieces it is always a thrill to visit your blog. =)

  20. Josje, your tea caddy is gorgeous! I have seen antique versions like it in museums here in the States! It is just perfect, even the tiny key hole! And I LOVE your mini slideshow! I LOVE tea.... drink it all day long.... so THANK you for the invitation, I believe I WILL join you! I just love seeing your fingers pour the tea.... who is that GIANT? Lol! The minis look so perfect!

  21. Your tea caddy is one of the most amazing miniatures I've ever seen! I love it and love the slideshow, everything is perfect.

  22. Wow,the whole scene is perfect,but the tea caddy is an outstanding work.I have to look for Vonas Miniatures on the fair 1zu12 !!!Jeannette

  23. It's wonderful!
    I loved the slideshow...

  24. Ach Josje, wat vreselijk mooi...kan hier echt van genieten.


  25. Prachtig, wat een stukje vakwerk!!

  26. I see that I'm not the only one to play with dolls things ...
    Beautiful tea caddy :-)
    Mini lovely hugs, Flora

  27. Thank you all for your lovely comments. When I next see Mr. and Mrs. Vogels van Nassau of Vonas Miniatures (he does the turning, she the silver), I will tell them how much you all like their work.

    Caterina, at first I wanted to crop my hands out of the photos, but when I saw the photos, I actually quite liked the Gulliver's effect.

    Flora, ah yes, I think we all like to play a little sometimes. And we all create such lovely settings, it would be a shame not to!

  28. How lovely, and I love how you added that adorable tea set. I love the world of miniatures, and always admire the talent and what it must take to create such tiny pieces.


  29. Wonderful! I love the tray, it's gorgeous! Fabulous setting for all your mini tea set etc.

    I also own the tea set made by Mike Sparrow I bought it last year and it has to be one of my most treasured pieces! I've never made a real cup of tea from it though!

    Michelle :o)

  30. Oh My! The apple tea caddy is just amazing! What a delightful find. Your tea tray all set up is so lovely looking. I shared some of my miniature china a few posts back, and I think I will share some more.
    I love the tea tray you have, I would like to try and make one myself. Did you make yours?

  31. I would love a cup, just a little milk, no sugar. I love your tea caddy, they are fabulous in full scale, but amazing in miniature. And your little table and silverware are beautiful.

  32. Was just going thru old emails and found your long ago. I'm so glad I stopped by. Your blog is enchanting to say the least!
    Just followed.

  33. Josie, your work is amazing, like your photos! Thank you for your answer!

  34. The tea caddy is just beautiful, as is the whole setting.

    Thanks for your note on my blog, and I hadn't thought about it before but you are right, even dirt is 'chic' if it's French - but somehow if it's English it's just dirt ;)

  35. Het is weer een prachtig plaatje geworden ! Wat een mooie pot en bus heb je toch.

    Groetjes, Roelie

  36. Hi Josje Sweetie...
    Oh my goodness what a beautiful share. Am I to late for tea? What a beautiful treasure to have for many years to come. Just perfect for your miniatures sweet friend.

    1 lump for my tea please. Love it. I hope you have a beautiful Friday.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  37. I love how you did that on photoshop! That just makes the whole shot magical. Amazing job!

  38. These are so wonderful! love the photos too~beautifully shot!

  39. This is so beautiful. I actually just received my melon teapot from Mike Sparrow so I am going to have to find your link for making the beautiful tea tray!!!!

  40. Wow meraviglioso questo mondo in miniatura.
    Buon pomeriggio.

  41. Dear Josje I have long admired your dedication to the finest of detail and your quest for authenticity. This tea service pictorial is jaw dropping in its execution. You truly are a GIANT in the world of minis!


    1. That is very kind of you, thank you Elizabeth. I like your profile picture very much!