A day at the fair...

...well a few days actually!

Last week I spent a few of days at the Arnhem Dollshouse Fair.  My friend and I signed up for a Chris Malcomson class, making a Dutch wall table from around 1705.  During the first day of class we worked at building the basic structure of the table, veneering and making a start on shaping the table legs.

I booked a wonderful hotel room in Arnhem with a huge roof terrace overlooking the Rhine river.  The weather was gorgeous so we sat outside with a cup of tea working at shaping our table legs. 

Friday morning, sunrise over Arnhem as seen from our hotel room roof terrace.  Isn't this absolutely glorious?  I assure you there was no trickery involved in this shot!

Tha table apron after a few coats of shellac.  Just look at that shine!  The table top had just had a a first coat of shellac and has been sanded down.

 My table legs nearing completion.  It is quite difficult to get them all looking the same! 
Chris had given us Cuban mahogany from a broken old box of around 1740 to make the legs.  I love the idea of the wood having so much history already.   The wood may even be hundreds of years older as of course we don't know when the tree of which it came was felled.

After the class was finished Friday afternoon it was time to hit the Fair.  Even before the first night was over, I managed to spend a big chunk of my budget.  On Saturday I did some very careful shopping and went home with only 10 cents left in my wallet.  Well done to me for resisting to go to the cash machine or pulling out my credit card!
I never have enough time at the fair, even though I am there for two days.  There is just too much to see, too many people to  talk to.   It was lovely to meet a few fellow bloggers, like Debora from http://petitpunt.blogspot.com/,  Peiwen from http://oiseaudenim.blogspot.com/  and Audrey from http://www.bopeep.nl/BoPeep/Welkom.html

Here is a quick shot of some of my purchases.  Many of the items I bought are to go into this new house I am working on.  Here you see the table I made in Chris' class (it just needs a final coat of shellac).  On the left you can see one of the lights I bought from Ray Storey, who was at the show in person.  He is such a lovely man, always full of great stories to make you roar with laughter.

On top of my little table are some bottles and glasses I bought from The Little Dollhouse Company from Canada.  They come over each year and bring us a lovely collection of miniatures to choose from.  In the scene I am planning for this room I would like to have two Martini cocktails.  I got the glasses, now I still have to mix the cocktails!


  1. Hi Josje
    The table is amazing, well done. You have really brought out the colour in the wood and the legs are perfect. The pictures from the fair look great, well done on not going over your budget!
    Take care

  2. el trabajo de la mesa es extraordinario me gusta muchísimo como la termino. las compras ideales.
    un abrazo

    table work is extraordinary and I really like the term. ideal shopping.
    a hug

  3. Fijn om weer van je lezen. Je hebt goed genoten van deze dagen!

  4. What a elegant table. You have done a perfectly beautiful job making it. I also love the idea of using old wood already infused with history.
    Great purchases too. I love Ray's lamp. He is fun isn't he!
    How nice that you were able to meet three fellow bloggers. :-)

  5. Your table is gorgeous. Wonderful buys. I love the lamp. Beautiful pictures.
    Hugs Maria

  6. You have bought beautiful things. But your table is amazing,I love it!!! Jeannette

  7. Je vois que nous étions au même endroit ce week-end , très jolie petite table , j'aime quand les veines du vieux bois ressortent ainsi .

  8. Très beau travail!
    et le bois est magnifique!

  9. Josje, The table came out so beautiful! I love the veneer that you used. It sounds like you had a perfect weekend. I LOVE the photos from your rooftop terrace!!! Gorgeous!

  10. You really are the top miniature artist in the entire world. Spectacular work!

  11. Hi Josje,
    Your table looks really nice. Those coctail glasses are really good....I've got myself some a few years ago.

  12. Congrautlations on the table, the quality is obvious. And I love those bottles and glasses, looks like the fair was really a wonderful experience.

  13. What a beautiful table you made, Josje! And I am still in awe of the pink chair you made, as well.


  14. Je hebt weer een mooi stuk gemaakt Josje. Wat een leuk idee dat het echt oud hout is. Jouw vakmanschap straalt er weer vanaf. Prachtig gemaakt met een mooie houtsoort. De lamp vind ik ook erg mooi. Past helemaal in de sfeer van je nieuwe oude huis.
    Ik probeer altijd op te letten of ik bekende gezichten zie op de beurs, want ik was er zaterdag ook, maar ik heb niemand gezien. Nouja....genoeg mensen, dat wel maar geen bekende.

  15. The table is a real jewel! What a beautiful wood you used!

  16. The Table is SO Beautiful! It is amazing how much the smallest pieces can add to the atmosphere! Your work is Perfect!
    And your purchases are just fabulous! I admire people who know EXACTLY what they are looking for.... and congratulations on sticking to your budget!
    This new house is going to look DIVINE when it is done!

  17. Wat een mooie foto's van Arnhem.
    Het was inderdaad heerlijk weer het week-end.
    Goed voor jou dat je lekker buiten kon zitten met thee en je schitterende werkstuk.
    Wat is je tafeltje mooi gelukt.
    De gedachte dat het hout voor de pootjes uit 1740 komt is wel heel stoer.

    Fijn hoor dat je zo'n heerlijk week-end hebt gehad.

    Groeten, Alexandra.

  18. The table is wonderful, Josje, love the grain!!!! love the light and other purchases too, I am glad you had a good time!!!!

  19. Josje,

    First of all what beautiful scenery of the Rhine, the weather must have been lovely.

    Your table is delightful, and to have so much history in it makes it all the more special. What lovely work.

    And well done on the purchases, sitting in that comfortable chair and a Martini in hand would be perfection!

  20. Josje, thank you for your visit and your link. oh my godness... i got chill on my spine when i saw it... even though they said they were playing i fear for the baby.grin.
    you table is perfection. i love the grain of the wood. your pictures should make you proud. it is beutiful!

  21. Josje, thank you for your visit and your link. oh my godness... i got chill on my spine when i saw it... even though they said they were playing i fear for the baby.grin.
    you table is perfection. i love the grain of the wood. your pictures should make you proud. it is beutiful!

  22. Your table came out so beautiful! And the pictures of the Rhine are amazing, particularly the sunrise one. I love going to shows, looking for just the right little treasures.

  23. Hello Josje. I have just joined your blog. First, I would like to say that the pic of that beautiful sunset brings to mind the name of your blog "A Beautiful World". The little table you made could not be more perfect. I am just tickled pink that you purchased something from The Little Dollhouse Company from Canada. I live in the same province in which they are situated and I often purchase from them online. It's just so wonderful that you have something from Canada in your magnificent house. Lastly, your floor is amazingly beautiful. That house is just so cheerful because of the beautiful, rich colours you have selected. I adore that red wall!

  24. oh-my-goodness! you certainly have an admirer!

  25. Your table is very beautiful, I like the wood you have used.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time, thanks for sharing your photos.

  26. I see what you meant bout the table legs, now It's (almost) finished. Nevertheless a beautiful piece you can proudly place in your home and remember Arnhem 2011 by :)

    As for the fair; It was great to talk to (or drink coffee with :)) some really wonderful people, like you. Besides trying to find your objects of desire, meeting folk and having a great laugh is the best thing of it all.


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