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One of the students I met at Chris Malcomson's class last week was Hubert Boom.   Before the class started he told Chris he also made some furniture and asked whether we would like to see it.  But of course!  Don't we always want to see what others have made?  Hubert took a box out of his bag and opened it up.  When he presented us with the cabinet he made, our jaws dropped...

Hubert showing one of his cabinets at his brother's table at the Arnhem Fair.

Hubert showed us the most beautifully made Louis XVI cabinet.  Perfect in every detail.  Made exactly as the full size version was made.  Hubert told us that he's a cabinetmaker by trade and enjoyed using his skills to make a few miniatures.  We all wondered why on earth he was taking the class!

English bookcase (nearly finished)  made of beautiful palisander wood. 

During the fair, Hubert was helping his brother at his table (Piccolo, but the shop has now closed), where he had three more cabinets to show us.  I took these photos at the fair, so unfortunately you can see me and my camera in the refection of the glass.  This gorgeous bookcase was almost finished when I saw it.

It is so beautifully made.  The two doors on the left reveal open shelf space, the door on the right hides three drawers, all fully dovetailed of course. 

Early 19th century Dutch cabinet.

I love this cabinet.  It is so typically Dutch.  Just some very fine and simple decoration in the middle between the doors and below the columns.  This cabinet was made from mahogany.  The full sized cabinets were often mahogany veneered onto an oak construction or solid oak.  

My mother has a similar cabinet in full size.  I immediately noticed the bowed shelf inside the cabinet.  Fantastic!  What? A bowed shelf fantastic?  Yes, because the full scale cabinets all have bowing shelves due to the direction of the wood grain used for these shelves.  My mother's cabinet has bowing shelves as well.

Fine oak Louis XVI cabinet.

This is the cabinet Hubert showed us in class.  He used the finest oak he could find for its construction.  Oak typically has quite a coarse grain which makes it difficult to use in miniature projects.  Hubert managed to achieve a very fine result.

Louis XVI style cabinet interior.

The beautiful fittings were specially made by Jean Claude Martin.

All the drawers are dovetailed, of course.

Detail of the broken pediment on top of the cabinet, with ornamental vase and carvings.

Hubert does not have a website (yet), so I offered to show his cabinets on my blog.  I am sure you all don't mind me doing that ;) as I am sure you will all agree we have got another fabulous miniaturist in our world!


  1. Stunning workmanship! Thanks for showing.

  2. These are so incredible! Hubert is such a talent. What details he has mastered. His brother's space at the fair looks incredible too. I would love to shop there and buy some of the great wood it seems he has for sale! I hope you let us know when Hubert has a website or a blog. It would be fun to be able to see some more of his work.

  3. ... and I agree with you:))
    Thank you for showing these wonderful images, they do justice to a great craftsman.
    Sometimes, I wonder how you manage to be so meticulously accurate in every detail, not me I can not even cut straight piece of wood ... ha ha!
    I came here to distract me, because I read a post that has me saddened and disgusted a lot, about my old friends (which I'm happy not to have more like my friends) ... I was sad, and now I am happy, because, fortunately, I see that, beyond the words of evil and wicked people, there is another world, one of the miniaturists, where there are fantastic people!
    thanks for being here today!
    kisses, Caterina

  4. Wow I am in awe at such amazing work. Your right what a good find.

  5. You're welcome Drora!

    Patty, yes, his brother sold pieces of wood and small wooden furniture. His shop is now closed though, but they are starting something new I am reliable informed. I will certainly let you know when Hubert has a website or blog!

    Caterina, sorry to hear you were sad, but good to hear this post has cheered you up! Keep your head up and focus on the good things in life!

    Browny, I am in awe as well...

  6. This is such a pleasure to see. Hurbert's work is incredible. it is very obvious he is a master craftsman. He has such a wonderful sense for 1: 12 scale when he chooses the wood he wants to use. I love it that he has gone to such pains to have the right hardware made for each piece. Thank you for showing us his beautiful work. I look forward to seeing more of it.

  7. Amazing works! Thank you for sharing Hubert's talents with us:)

  8. Ooh wat prachtig Josje. Je zou zweren dat het 1:1 kasten zijn. Wat ontzettend knap dat je zulke mooie meubeltjes kunt maken.
    Ik zou willen dat ik 't zelf kon......

    groet Heleni

  9. YES! Why did Hubert want to take a class?

  10. What fantastic detailing! Thank you for sharing with us! :D

  11. Yes I am glad that you show these images. Absolutely wonderful handicrafts. Why did he really go to the course, was also my first thought?

  12. I think we all are Natalia!

    Catherine, yes, his effort to get the hardware right shows he's got 'it'. You can be a great craftsman but totally miss ít'. If you know what I mean.
    We can only assume he thought he was going to learn something...???... I think he did pick up valuable hints and tips on the miniature world, and generally had a nice time. I sat next to him in class, can you imagine the stress I felt? No, just kidding. Hubert was very nice and didn't make any of us feel inadequate.

    You're welcome Old Maid (how funny that sounds!).

    Heleni, mooi he, maar ik heb ze niet gemaakt hoor! Of bedoelde je 'je' in het algemeen?

    You're welcome otterine!

  13. Mona, I think also he thought we were going to do Chris's specialty: marquetry inlay. Something he was interested in finding out how to do. We didn't do that in this class though.

  14. These are wonderfull Josje! I've seen them at the show. Hopefully he will be getting a website pretty soon!

  15. Many thanks for sharing this wonderful masterpieces ! I agree with Jeffry and hope that he will make a website soon! Jeannette

  16. Wow!!!! There are so many amazingly talented people in the world and here we certainly have one....these works are stunning, amazing pieces of 'art'!!! I am so pleased that you thought to share his work with us and I would love to see more if he starts a blog....wow!!!! His detail is perfect and the draw/door handles are perfect.
    Thank you x

  17. De kastjes waren mij inderdaad opgevallen,ze stonden in de glazen vitrinekastjes.
    Ik heb bij hem nog wat hout gekocht.
    Het zijn schitterende kasten en de foto's die je er van hebt gemaakt zijn heel mooi.
    Je kunt echt goed de details van de kastjes zien.
    Bedankt voor de schitterende foto's.

  18. Wow what amazing talent this man has. They are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.
    Hugs Maria

  19. All this beauty and perfection inhibit me a little ...
    I look at my scribbles with a bit of regret :-)
    However, it is always a pleasure to discover, through your magical eyes, the finest craftsmen and the most spectacular works.
    Thanks also from me,

  20. Josje hartelijk dank dat je ons laat meegenieten. Wat een prachtige kastjes,die afwerking adembenemend mooi.
    groetjes Ingrid

  21. Jodie, thanks! I often find that people away from me, around the world like you, for example, are better than the neighbor, who I thought friends ...
    head held high .. yes, always! :))

  22. Fantastic work, thank you for sharing this beauty! I love all the details, such an incredible work. Hardware is very nice.

  23. The furniture is wonderful. Thank you for sharing the magnificent work of Hubert Boom.

  24. Heel erg mooi, echt ongelooflijk knap van hem.
    Bedankt voor het laten zien, ik had deze gemist.
    Ik was in Arnhem op zondag, maar er is altijd zoveel te zien dat je de helft mist.Volgende keer misschien toch maar twee dagen rondneuzen. Je maakt trouwens heel mooie scherpe foto's.
    Fijn weekend

  25. Ik heb eea ook mogen aanschouwen in Arnhem. Want ondanks je prachtige foto's , was het in echt toch weer vele malen mooier en gedetailleerder. Super dat je hem hier onder de aandacht brengt, zijn werk verdient het dubbel & dwars!


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