The Bedroom

The last two rooms in my dolls house I've been working on are the kitchen and the bedroom. Neither of them are finished, although the bedroom nearly is. Today I'd like to share with you some photo's of the bedroom.
The basis of this room was a lovely toile wallpaper I had. I used the wallpaper pattern to print the silk for the bedhangings and headboard. The sheets are made from an antique hanky my mother gave me. I dyed the fabric for the duvet with acrylic paint. The blanket is a piece of felt edged with silk.

The silver in my bedroom was made by Jens Torp. Well, all except one of the wall sconces next to the bed, I made that one during a class by Jens two years ago.
Most of what you can see in the room was made by me, like the doors, wall panelling, floor, mirror etc. I use wood, paper, card and paint to make these.
Two years ago I got to go to the Guild School in Castine where I upholstered the chair in a Nancy Summers class. It fits the bedroom perfectly. As you can see I still need to finish the windows, put the skirting boards down and put the cornicing around the room.
An overview of the room. I made the floor from slats of old window blinds, giving them several coats of stain, paint and wax in order to achieve the right colour. The door in the back on the left gives access to a small bathroom. The bathroom still needs some work before I'm happy with it.
I upholstered the chair to look like one I saw in a magazine article. Very rococo, so pretty as if it is wearing a little jacket. I love the shoes. I found them at the Arnhem show at a Canadian stand. The chest of drawers was a kit on which I glued a beautiful burl veneer. I want to make silver handles for it one day.


  1. Such a lot of beautiful things in just one room...simply heaven !


  2. Gorgeous room! I love the details you've added, like the lamb. The furniture is all breath-taking.

  3. Your blog title is quite apt, Josje. The world you create in your miniatures is truly beautiful. The bedding you have created just calls out to us to crawl in and spend the day reading, daydreaming and cozily snoozing!

  4. Absolutely perfect!
    I think you know that you are one of my favorite miniaturists and your doll's house one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.I admire your work since I saw it for the first time and, during these years, you never never stop to amaze me.
    I love all the charming details!
    Thank you for sharing your work.



  5. Oh, what a beautiful room! It looks right out of a magazine. I love the feel of the room and wish I could jump right into that bed and spend the day reading and sleeping! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us!

  6. Heavenly room! So many beautiful details to see here. Lovely.

  7. I just love it! May I move in?

  8. Oh, my goodness! That bedroom is just stunning. I would love to live in it! So many wonderful details, just beautiful!

  9. I love it all, what a wonderful room. Your talent certainly shines through...I love 'detail' and your room has that!!! BEAUTIFUL!!
    Kindest Regards, Linda

    I get comments on my blog saying 'Ican't wait to see more'....and I think to my self, wasn't that enough???...but I'm now going to say...."I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE"

  10. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments! I really enjoy hearing from you, from all over the globe.

    Minikat: Isn't the lamb sweet? Made by Shirley Scheibehenne from Germany.
    Lissu: Oh why not, the owner (Ms. Martha) never seems to be around anyway...
    Linda: I often find that looking at dolls house picture's is like eating potato chips or crisps: once you've had one you want more ;-)

  11. Oh, I can't get enough of this! I wish the 1st 2 pics expand to bigger ones because I will love to see the details of the wall lamps and the bedstead on the wall. The semi circle (?) silver hoop? at the bed to hold back the bedhangings are beautiful and I can imagine if the same treatment is given to your headboard, how gorgeous that will be. All the other things you make are breathtaking but those shoes, I swear they looked like they have been to a few malls and back (your doll has been shopping!).

    You know sometimes when you look at pics of dollhouses, you feel like you are being tele-ported to another place at another time if you stare hard enough. You can feel the breeze, warm beams from the window or even smell the room. This room does that for me. Thank you for sharing, Josje.

  12. I cannot add anything that it has not been already said. I love your work and that's all.
    I love the silver goodies and sooner or later I'll buy something for myself.
    But the sweetet touch, the one which really moves me is the little sheep under the cover. It looks as if it was waiting for its child owner to come back and cuddle it.Lovely

  13. So so pretty and beautiful, just perfect!

  14. Sans, I have tried photographing the wall sconces in close up, but so far have not managed to get a good picture. I will try again soon and post them here.

    Rosanna, I have always loved silver and as Jens Torp is at the Arnhem show every year, I try to buy something from him each time. He's got such beautiful pieces! Now that I don't work anymore it's a bit difficult, but I still manage ;)
    The little lamb (isn't it cute?) is also a reference to my own real sheep.

    Thank you J!

  15. I love this room! So comfortably elegant, with the dramatic bed hiding a child's toy and the pretty shoe toppled over.

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  17. Es increible. La recreación del hambiente es expectacular, hay fotos que no se si son escala o una habitación normal. Es fantástico.
    Me encanta el detalle de las esquinas de las mantas y esos zapatos. Todo es genial.


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