Time for peonies

I love peonies, I have several of them growing in my garden. The first one to flower each year is my tree peony.

It has huge flowers the size of a breakfast plate, which sometimes are too heavy for the stems so I have to stake them to keep them upright.

The flowers suffer in rainy, windy and hot weather and as that is exactly what we've been having these past few days, they won't last very long. So I enjoy them while I can!

Last year I decided to try and create a miniature version of one of my single flowering peonies. I love the combination of the soft yellow stamens and the delicate pink petals.

It was quite a job cutting out every leaf and petal, painting them and then gluing them onto their individual stems. But I even managed to put a little spider's web on the bud!

I am very pleased with the result. Best of all: I get to enjoy these all year long!
I will definitely try to make another one this year once the real ones are in flower.


  1. Amazing! you should do a join venture with Jayne of Tallulah-belle originals.Both pure geniuses.

  2. Rosanna, I second that!! Peonies and cherry blossoms, both very auspicious flowers. This is gorgeous, Josje, truly gorgeous!

  3. I agree that you and Jayne should compare notes. Imagine the beauty you could create together...

  4. Lovely peonies, I have them in my garden, too, but they won't bloom until the end of June [here in Finland]!

  5. Lovely flowers!!! You asked about the pictureframes... I use Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI-image processing program and there is that frame...
    Have a sunny week!

  6. Que flores tán bién cuidadas parece que mellegan elolor-Felicidades mi niñaCon cariñoVicky

  7. Well now that's odd! I posted this long comment yesterday but now it is not here. My comment has vanished!
    Anyway, I thanked you all for leaving such lovely comments.
    Lissu, I've left another comment on your blog ;)
    ¡Gracias Vicky! Me disculpo, mi español no soy muy bueno.

  8. Hoi Josje,

    Ik heb een Award voor je op mijn blog, ik bewonder je werk al zo lang, het word een keer tijd!!!

    Liefs Sylvia


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