Daily dose of art

The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam has a great widget available for weblogs and websites which shows you one masterpiece from their collection every day. By clicking on it, it will show you a larger version of the picture. By clicking on the arrow in the corner it will show you all the information on the piece.

I love it. As a little daily exercise I try to describe the piece I see before I read the info. Today's masterpiece (pictured above) is a painting by the Dutch artist Brekelenkam. Painted in 1661, it depicts a tailor's workshop with the tailor and his two apprentices sitting on their work table and a client inspecting a man's jacket lying on the table. Pictures like these are great references for miniaturists. By clicking 'more' on the widget it will take you to the Rijksmuseum website, where even more information on the piece can be found (click 'next'), but also gives the the option of viewing the piece extra large. I love all the detail. Just look at the shopping bucket the customer has hanging on her arm, that must have been so heavy.
I have put the Rijkswidget in the left column of my blog. If you would like to get the Rijkswidget for your site, click here for the English version.


  1. Thank you for the link, I'll go and a have a look. I love Dutch and Flemish painting, so full of details.

  2. You're welcome Rosanna. I just noticed they've already changed the masterpiece of today for a painting by Breitner. Also very beautiful (I think)but not what I described in my log. Here's the link to the painting I described: http://www.rijksmuseum.nl/aria/aria_assets/SK-C-112?lang=nl&context_space=&context_id=

  3. Oops! Sorry, that was the Dutch link. Here's the one in English:

  4. Olá Josje!

    Muito obrigado pelas boas vindas!!!
    Parabéns pelo seu belo blog!

  5. I love this widget, Josje. I will put it up on my blog for sure but does it slow your page down? My site is already too picture intensive (LOL) but I so love this widget! Thank you for sharing!

  6. WHat a nifty widget! I realy like it!

  7. What a wonderful blog! You are so talented and do such exquisite work but you also add the beauty of nature and the world around you. I so enjoyed this visit and look forward to following every day.

  8. Thank you Leo!

    Sans, I haven't noticed it slowing down my page. If it does, it is easily removed.

    So do I Marie ;)

    Thank you Doreen! I don't blog every day, but I'll do my best to blog regularly. Thanks for following.


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