Busy days for St. Nicholas

He arrived in the Netherlands three weeks ago, but this weekend he will be very busy!  St.Nicholas eve is Monday night, but many people will celebrate today or tomorrow.  Most people will help the old Saint and do the gift buying, wrapping, surprise making and poem writing for him.   


  1. He is GORGEOUS!

    The observation of this custom is not one I am familiar with. We don't observe it in the USA. I am off to find out more about it.


  2. Your St-Nicolas is wonderful, Josje. So "alive".

    I'm born in Lorraine, and it is a tradition to celebrate St-Nicolas on December 6, (for he is the patron saint of Lorraine). I remember he distributed chocolates and sweets at school, and we had so many gifts at Christmas from our parents.

  3. Very striking! There is such a noble look about it. Happy Saint Nicholas day to you! May you be showered with wonderful presents.

  4. I LOVE this Saint Nicholas doll. He is the best and looks so old world! I will have my shoes out by the door on December 5th too.

  5. Oh Josjie, Your St Nicolas is so beautiful!

    One of the things I enjoy so much about reading blogs, is being in touch with people all over the world and learning about their cultures and special days of celebration.

    Happy St Nicholas day to you and your family!!

    Fi x

  6. I love these old traditions. Our European history in Australia is so short, but I'm sure that many immigrants also celebrate St Nicholas' Day here too. Your St Nicholas doll is gorgeous - very realistic, beautifully dressed.

  7. Enjoy, enjoy! We celebrated it last night and i'm pleased to say miniatures played a part in it, as did chocolate and loads of spicy mini-cookies (or gingerbread cubes???)

    Your Sint seems kind and generous (besides looking stunning) so I hope you'll have fun with the whole family!

  8. Your St Nicolas is perfect and beautiful. It is a custom I like although we don't celebrate it, though some parts of France do.

  9. He is great Josje ! Have a lovely celebration :-)

  10. St Nicholas' Day Josjie,
    The doll is absolutely fantastic. The detail is wonderful!
    All the best,

  11. Ik heb je Sinterklaas al eerder gezien.
    Hij is echt heel leuk.
    Ik wens je een heel fijne Sinterklaasavond.
    Groetjes, Alexandra.

  12. Echt een heel mooie Sinterklaas, ik hoop dat je een heerlijk avondje hebt gehad.Ik heb het dit keer twee keer mogen vieren.


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