Twas the night before Christmas...

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there...

Before you start asking yourselves whose blog you are reading, I can assure you that these two little people are actually in the Bedroom of my Canal House.  Yes!  These two lovely doll children are mine.   Dolls.  For a non doll person.  Absolutely.  I found them at the Arnhem fair last October at Angel's Little Ones and took them home with me. 

Now mind you, these two lovely faces will not be residing in the Canal House.  No, that is just a step too far for me.  These kids will live in my Christmas House.  But as that is far from finished I let them live in the Canal House for now.  A few weeks ago I bought a lovely book 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' (made by Caterina) for them and I thought it was cruel not to let them read it until their house is finished.  So here they are, big brother is reading to his little sister. 

I bought the little sweater (Le Petit Tricot- no website) and socks (Annelies de Kort) in Arnhem as well.  My friend and I were almost fighting over the little sweater, we both loved it but she let me have it!  We have very similar tastes, even when there is a hundred things on a stall, we both pick the same thing. 

The boy is wearing jeans for now, but I will make him a pair of brown corduroy knickerbockers when I have found the fabric.  For the girl I made a pretty white blouse and little bloomers finished with lace.  She is still waiting for her little pinafore dress (I am thinking of doing a little smocked bodice perhaps).  But for now they are lovely as they are...

'Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!'


  1. is very strange to see people in your house deserted! but I find that they are beautiful, with their expressions, enchanted! you're really sure you do not want dolls, in this house??
    thanks for these beautiful pictures, my little book, acquires more charm .. : D
    kisses and Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    xxx Caterina

  2. Me encanta ver personajes en las casas de muñecas, creo que les otorgan gran personalidad y mucha vida. estos en particular son realmente preciosos, al igual que sus ropitas y el maravilloso libro que está leyendo. ¡¡Un abrazo enorme y feliz Navidad!!

  3. They are so cute! Of course they should spend Christmas Eve in a nice comfortable bed reading stories! I look forward to seeing them in a permanent home someday!

    She looks like she is about to plant her thumb in her mouth. Or perhaps she is surprised by something her brother is reading.

    Wonderful pictures! Merry Christmas Josje!!!

    I think you feel the same way I do about dolls in miniature houses. ;-)

  4. Hi Josje
    The colours are beautiful and your tiny details are spot on.
    Have a wonderful Christmas,
    love Simon

  5. An exquisite scene!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Bst wishes, your picture are so heartwarming, they are truly Christmassy , much more than my real house.
    Minihugs, Rosanna

  7. preciosa escena ¡¡ feliz navidad ¡¡
    besos Elena

  8. Josje , they look lovely and cozy together!I am very much a doll person,so I simply love this scene:-)But anything you make and photograph is lovely, anyway.
    Happy holidays!


  9. Exquisite! Just PURE Joy to see these two beautiful children in your Perfect room.... I am glad you let them out of the box for Christmas, Josje! While other times of year it may not be necessary... Tonight it is PURE Magic!
    Thank you for showing them!

  10. I'm not one for dolls in my house, either, but they are absolutely delightful - the detail is wonderful.

    Merry Christmas, Josje!


  11. Mooi Josje, broer en zus. Wat zien ze er geweldig uit. Deze lieverds wil iedereen wel in zijn huis.
    Een schortjurkje zal haar niet misstaan.
    Fijne Kerstdagen.

    groet Heleni

  12. As a non-doll person too, I have to admit that I sometimes but rarely see a doll that I could love. I understand why you fell in love with these two children.
    Wish you a happy yule and a joyful new year.

  13. As a non-doll-person for over sixteen years,who changed her mind since one year, I adore these two little charming children in your canal house!!!The whole scene looks so lovely and warm with them, pure Christmas!!!
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas Josje !Warm hugs,Jeannette x

  14. This little scene is the dearest of all. In German we say 'allerliebst'.
    Very cute. Wonderful.

  15. aww so cute! it's so easy to imagine their joy with your photos :D i especially love the expression on the girl's face! :O

  16. Me gusta mucho la escena, tiene muchos detalles de buen gusto, el empapelado del cabecero a rayas y las otras paredes a juego le dá estilo, los niños con su cuento y preciosas ropas gusta todo.
    Un abrazo

  17. I have a love of dolls these are magical such a lovely post.So nice to meet you just found your beautiful blog and so happy I did. I have enjoyed looking around and I'm now following you, if you find a spare minute hope you visit me sometime and follow back so nice to meet new friends. Sending you special wishes for the Christmas holidays and New Year I’m look forward to keeping in touch in 2012

    Always Wendy

  18. A sweet and lovely scene!
    I hope you spent a wonderful Christmas Day.

  19. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

  20. It's not often that I see such charming little dolls. I love the expression of surprise on the little girl doll's face and the little boy doll has a sort of mature look on his face that is very endearing. I can just imagine the hours of work that went into the making of that cardigan since I'm just starting to knit in miniature myself. Hope you had a nice relaxing Christmas day!

  21. Wat een moppies en wat zitten ze er warmpjes bij.

    Groetjes, Alexandra.

  22. Beautiful photos as alway Josje! And a belated merry Christ as to you and your family. May the new year bring you much happiness and peace, and may you be successful in all your endeavours!

  23. Ik kan maar één ding zeggen:
    Succes en geniet van dit huis in 2012!

  24. Josje,

    they are absolutely delightful. What beautiful expression. The two of them would be perfect for a Christmas seen but they do look so cosy in your canal house.

    My daughter Mia was quite taken with them.

    Best wishes for a happy and safe New Year.

    Fi x

  25. Josje,
    Thank you for joing my new "blog".
    I have long admired your work via your blog and wanted to tell you how wonderful I think your "Canal House" is. Love the red toille and stripe combination and the way you have lighted the space. Yes the dolls are wonderful as well.
    I wish for you a very Happy New Year!

  26. Josje -

    I so enjoy looking through your blog. You have amazing artistry, and I am so inspired by your work. It is obvious that you love what you do.

    Happy 2012!

  27. Ook ik ben niet van de poppen in mijn huis, het haalt de magie weg vind ik. Omdat het Sint-en kerstfeest al magie op zich is, zijn zulke prachtige popjes een geweldige aanwinst.
    Hoop wel dat ze voor de kerst helemaal aangekleed zijn.

    Groetjes, Roelie

  28. Dit is echt prachtig om naar te kijken, mooie foto's.
    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

  29. I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas Josje, and wish you and your family all the best of everything for 2012.

    I think you already know that I adore this room, and how cute to have the two little girls enjoying it too.

    I see the box on the floor that has the picture of my mother's toys on it, she would be totally delighted to see it here too. How amazing it is to consider that all those years ago (probably close to 100 now) when the photograph was taken and hand coloured they could never possibly imagined that a copy of it would travel to the Netherlands and be seen by people all around the world. Blogland is truly a magic place :)


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