Christmas decorations

As I am trying to get into the mood to do some Christmas decorating (I always find it very difficult to switch from St. Nicholas straight to Christmas), I came across this lovely picture (below) on architect design™.

Wouldn't that just be the perfect tree for a miniaturist? Of course we could use any miniature we would like, I could just see my tree with lots of little pieces of furniture.... The only drawback I see is time. I've been working on my house for some six years now and it's not ever nearly finished. Using miniatures in my tree probably would make me want to put up my Christmas decorations earlier, but I'm afraid my Christmas tree would look very bare for many years to come....

Photo used with permission from architect design™


  1. oh that's really nice - thank you for sharing.

  2. glad you enjoyed the photo! Would LOVE to see a miniature furniture tree, but as you point out -that would be a life's work! UNLESS you use a miniature table top tree!

  3. What a cute tree!

    When my hubby and I had our first tree, we didn't have any decorations, so we just put everything small that we could find on it.

    Made for an interesting tree. ;)

  4. I miss Benetton and all their clever & interesting ads. This is a GREAT pic. Josje, I am not sure if we ever have the heart to hang our furniture on a tree and then have our heart drop each time someone accidentally bump the tree or the kids go too near it lol!

  5. i try to imagine how you came across this pic... haha never mind, it's fun! Fun to look at, to think about (hmmm sweaters? furniture?) and to smile.

    thanks for making me SMILE!
    lots of love for you and your family and all the best for 2010

  6. It would be a wonderful idea! What I did is that I made some ornaments with miniatures in them for our tree. It has all sorts of decorations and miniatures too. :)
    You could make just a few each year and add to the collection and one day there would be more miniatures!
    You can see my decorations on my blog.

  7. @Stefan: check back in thirty years, who knows, you may see a picture here of a lovely tree filled with miniatures ;)

    @dale: I often like trees like that better than those perfectly decorated ones.

    @Sans: makes me think of Barry Hipwell who kept putting his fabulous miniature furniture in my hands. Knowing how I am always dropping things, I was very reluctant and kept putting it down, but he assured me it was all very strong. He even made me turn the keys in the locks (yes, they worked!).
    I don't think I'd be afraid of hanging the furniture in my tree, but where to put the hooks?

    @Debby: Surfing the web! Sometimes I just go from one website to another and find the most interesting weblogs. The worst part of it is that there is so much out there, there is no way I can keep up with all the new posts.
    Thank you for your new years wish, I hope for you and your family 2010 will be filled with lots and lots of smiles!

    @Maia: Yes, a couple a year is a good idea! I liked your way of making an ornament for your tree too. Happy Christmas!



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