Norma's gift

A little over a month ago I came across a lovely new blog called Make Mine Mini by blogger Norma in Australia. I happened to become the first follower of her blog. Norma emailed me because she wanted to send me a little gift, as a thank you for being the first follower. Needless to say I was very happily surprised by her gesture.

After a few weeks (and only after Norma -and I as well- had a huge shock over the Australian postal charges) an envelope from Australia was dropped through my letterbox. Norma had made me a lovely gift, here's what was in it:

A box full of little goodies...

...of old letters and photo's, perfect for my bedroom scene.

Some beautiful old letters and an old photograph. The young soldier in uniform is actually Norma's uncle (her mother's brother) who went to war, survived and lived to an old age.

A favourite book, which has been read over and over again.

On the lid of the box of keepsakes is a photo of Norma's mother's toys, the original photo was hand coloured. The black and white photo in the box is a tiny copy of Norma's blog header, depicting her mother amidst all of her toys in 1918!

For a better, bigger view, please click on the photo's!


  1. Is a fantastic gift, congratulations and happy new year!!

  2. Oh what a lovely gift, and what a lovely bedroom to display it in!

  3. So beautiful. A lovely detail from Norma. Congratulations and a very happy new year!

  4. This gift is both wonderful and personal. The best kind :).

  5. Dein Schlafzimmer ist so wunderschön mit den vielen kleinen Sachen. So ein wunderschönes Geschenk, es passt sehr gut in das Zimmer.
    Liebe Grüße Moni

  6. What a beautiful gift! The personal details are such a lovely touch.

  7. It is a beautiful and great gift. It is perfect for your bedroom. I must say I like your bedroom a lot.
    Thank you for letting me discover Norma's blog.

  8. What a sweet gift - so full of personal history. It was so thoughtful of Norma to send it! I will check out Norma's blog.


  9. ..Such sweet things with a personal history, so nice of Norma! Norma has a lovely blog too..

  10. A wonderfull gift!! Congratulations!!

    Happy New Year 2010!!!

  11. Wonderful gifts and all great addictions to your house. Have a nice evening Rosanna

  12. Prachtige kadootjes, dat maakt een kamer 'bewoond' in plaats van een toonzaal en dat is juist zo leuk. Volgens mij hoort die niet bij het kado, maar wat ook een mooi schaapje!


  13. What a beautiful gift from Norma.
    It was a nice thing to do.
    You have a lovely blog that I get much insperasjon from.
    The best greetings from Janne

  14. How lucky you are! Norma's minis are just exquisite!

  15. Of course I have already thanked Norma for this lovely gift, but thank you all for you sweet comments. Yes, the personal nature of the photo's makes it all more special. The colours and style of it all is perfect for my bedroom.


  16. What a lovely gift to receive and what a nice surprise. The little box fits perfectly into its surroundings.

  17. Prachtige cadeau met oude herinneringen. En de soldaat op de foto is enig!
    Wees zuinig erop.

    Groetjes Lisette

  18. Josje, thank you so much for placing the little things in such beautiful surroundings, I'm so glad they look so 'at home' in your fabulous room. I know that my mother would be delighted that they had found their way to such a gracious home :)

    This is the end of our second day in New Zealand, beautiful weather so far but a few VERY cold few days forecast :( Still, a good excuse to sit by the open fireplace and plan projects :)

  19. Oh what a lovely gift, congratulations and happy new year!!

  20. You're welcome Norma, it is wonderful to have a little piece of of your history in my house. Hope it doesn't get too cold for you there, although I think sitting by the open fire doesn't sound too bad at all! Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

    Happy New year to all!

  21. I discovered your wonderful blog and am impressed!
    I love the realism of your miniatures! It's fascinating!


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