Some DIY required

This morning when I went into the kitchen to make some tea, I found that the lights were not working. Luckily St. Nicholas gave me a toolchest just a few days ago, so out it came.

I took out some of the things I thought I might need, like a pencil and maybe some screws,

a screwdriver of course,

and a hammer always comes in handy too.

After some delicate procedures using my new tools (and finding the bulb actually had fallen out of the fitting) I managed to get the lights working again.

Thank you St. Nicholas (Annemieke) for this great toolchest!


  1. How lucky you are =) Nice tool chest! I also love your swap gift from last year.. beautiful!!


  2. Is a great gift, indispensable to made anything... it's a perfect toolchest!

  3. Wow, was it really from St Nicks or a DIY by Josje ? :) Wonderful either way.

  4. Nice gift isn't it? Yes Sans, the toolchest was a gift from St. Nicholas. The DIY I had to do myself ;-)

  5. It's nice to work when you have a toolchest like that. It was also very nice to read about St. Nicholas' day.


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