Your branches green delight us...

O, Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
Your branches green delight us!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
You give us so much pleasure!

Your boughs so green in summertime
Stay bravely green in wintertime.

Reminding me on Christmas Day
To think of you and then be gay.

For every year the Christmas tree,
Brings to us all both joy and glee.

Each bough doth hold its tiny light,
That makes each toy to sparkle bright.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Thy candles shine out brightly!


  1. O Josje, I'm getting so confused these days about what is real and what is mini because the minis are just SO good - the only thing that leads me to believe that this is mini is that the tiles at the back of the fireplace are so clean :) So please tell me, do you live in this beautiful house (that mirror is gorgeous!), and you have the cleanest fireplace in the world, or this is your beautiful mini room. (I could look through some old posts to check out that fireplace but I would just like to enjoy this beautiful Christmas scene).

  2. I'm pretty sure this is a mini because I have those same snowflake ornaments. But the other ornaments are outstanding! Where did you find such exquisite tiny things?! Just beautiful.


  3. Your tree is stunning! Just beautiful!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Everything just perfect!


  5. Your christmas tree is so perfect, I´m so impressed.
    Mery Christmas!

  6. Lovely tree, Josje. Even up close, it looks real!

  7. Lovely - and the tree is beautiful, so real looking.

  8. What a beautiful tree. Merry Christmas!

  9. What a beautiful 'post'....the christmas tree is an absolute delight, but the ornaments are exquisite....MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    Linda x

  10. Feliz Navidad y un buen año.
    Un abrazo Carmen

  11. Thank you for a beautiful Christmas scene and
    Merry Cristmas to you!
    /Eva J

  12. Well, something must be up with Google again as all my comments seem to have vanished. However, I still have them saved in my emails, so I'll just read those again and answer some of your questions.

    The tree I made from that metal wire with the green stuff on it, I have no idea what that's called, but I'm sure you know what I mean. I made branches the way a real tree has them, so with smaller side branches coming off the main branches etc.

    Norma, I would very much like to live in a house like this, but no, my own house is in the country and looks nothing like my dolls house. I don't even have a fireplace, that is something very high on our wish-list! (Who knows, we might win the December lottery!)

    Tabitha, you are right, it is my dolls house. The gorgeous real glass ornaments I have collected over the years from fairs. Aren't they wonderful?! Some of the German miniature glassblowers sometimes sell them. The more simple baubles and toadstools I've made myself from beads.

    A Merry Christmas to all of you!

  13. It looks stunning! I wasn`t sure if it was full-size or miniatures, it looks incredible realistic, and so beautiful! :-D

    Happy holidays!
    Anne Mari

  14. Hi!
    Thank you very much for the welcome!
    Congratulations for your blog it's really lovely and I love all your creations (I hope start my dollhouse with the new year).
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  15. Thank you Anne Mari!

    You're welcome mivionnet! I hope you will enjoy your dollhouse and show us how you get on with your house in a blog!

    Happy Holidays to all of you!

  16. Simply gorgeous Christmas decor! Thank you for your lovely comment on Paris Parfait! Much appreciated! (We are moving to Amsterdam in 2011). Happy holidays!

  17. Your tree is beautiful, Josje! Thank you for your lovely message today. I'm so happy we have so much in common! Maybe if we ever get over to Amsterdam to visit my niece and her family, we can meet! They are only there for about 7 more months.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, my friend. Have a joyful, happy day!


  18. Josje.. your Christmas tree is soooo beautiful... I am hoping to make a proper one for next year with real decorations... you have inspired me...!! Lorella

  19. Josje,
    der Weihnachtsbaum ist so wunderschön. Es ist nicht zu glauben, dass alles nur 1:12 ist. Schmückst Du Dein Haus in 1:1 auch so zauberhaft?
    Ich wünsche Euch allen ein wunderschönes Weihnachtsfest und ein gutes Neues Jahr. Ich bin immer ganz neugierig, was als nächstes auf Deiner Seite kommt.
    Liebe Grüße Moni

  20. Werkelijk prachtig! Ik ben vooral onder de indruk van de schaal met de gedraaide bol. Die zou ik -naast in mini- ook heel graag in 1 op 1 willen hebben!


  21. Tara, Amsterdam in two years time, wow! Amsterdam is tiny compared to Paris and very different, but I love it there. Maybe we can go get some coffee together once you've moved. (Or tea, I don't even drink coffee).

    Claudia, that would be fun! Let me know if you have plans to come over to Amsterdam!

    Thanks Lorella! Try to find baubles from the German glassblowers, like Gerd Felka (although I'm not sure he does baubles) and Peter Böhm.

    Haha Moni, nein, nach das organisieren von St. Nicolaus und das Weinachtsfest auf die Schule meiner Sohn habe ich meistens gar kein Lust mehr alles schön zu decorieren 1:1 . Naturlich habe ich ein Weihnachtsbaum 1:1 und noch ein pahr andere kleine Weihnachts schmuck stücken, aber sonst....

    Hallo Marit, die schaal is mooi he? Ik kon hem ook niet weerstaan een paar maanden geleden...


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