In the kitchen

Beautiful aubergine (eggplant) and courgette (zucchini) given to me three years ago by 'Comptoir de Rouvray'.

The tray and leaf vegetables were made by me. Cookbook by Tine Krijnen

Large wine bottle in basket by Waldemar Backert.

Some of my favourite chocolate snacks in miniature. These have far less calories.

I keep some kitchenware on the shelf below the work surface. Bottles and jug by Elisabeth Bettler (via OSWI Miniaturen). Copper by Philippe Bordelet. Bundt cake mould by Anita Degen ('Keukengerei van rond 1900').


  1. How adorable they are!

    What lovely fun collecting such tiny pretties!x

  2. Oh Josje, you really have some of the most to-die-for items! I want everything on the below work surface shelfOh, and that large wine bottle!!

    Your vegetables are terrific, especially the tomato, artichoke and chilli.

  3. Thank you MelMel. Just a few pieces bought here and there can amass to quite a collection! It is fun to see it all together in the kitchen now.

    Thanks Sans. I have bought everything (except the three nested bowls, I've painted those in a porcelain painting workshop) at the Arnhem shows over the last 6 years. The wine bottle in the basket is one of my favourite pieces. At the time I was in doubt whether to buy it or not, as it was slightly more expensive than I thought it would be. I'm glad I bought it though (and it wasn't even that expensive, around 30 euro's I believe) I'd much rather buy less and spend my money on something I really like than to spend it on items of lesser quality.

  4. Hallo Josje,
    Deine Küchensachen sind sehr schön, bin schon gespannt auf Deine gesamte Küche.
    Liebe Grüße Moni

  5. Aren't they just adorable ? So clever of you to put them together like that !

  6. Ti ho conosciuta per caso, ma le tue creazioni mi ha ipnotizzato…
    sei bravissima chissà quanto tempo ci metti per realizzare queste meraviglie hai da svelarmi qualche segreto ;-) ciaooo rosa


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