Surprise gift

Today in the category 'treasures', something I was given only one week ago.
Last week Friday, before the start of the class I was about to teach, one of my students, Lisette, showed me a beautiful birdcage she had made herself. When I realized she was giving it to me as a gift, I became a bit emotional. Such a beautiful gift! See for yourself:

Dear Lisette, again, thank you so much for your lovely gift! I treasure it!


  1. The birdcage is incredible! You are so lucky
    to own such a treasure!

    /Eva J

  2. Stunning!
    Just wonderful!

    Eva (Barcelona, Spain)

  3. What a devine little piece, I'm sure I would also have a tear or two if it was presented to me!! A wonder piece to treasure always I am sure!
    Are you ever amazed about how talented some people are?....I know I am!

    Regards, Linda

  4. ...and I should have added...Generous!!

  5. Thank you all. Lisette told me she had made it after one I had seen last January on Maria Armanda Bryton's blog (she makes beautiful things) and I had commented on how in love I was with the birdcage. Never thought I would be given it as a gift!

    Linda: Yes, I'm often amazed at the talent of some people. I love to be surprized by little works of art people have made. I this case -and totally unexpected- I was given such a lovely piece...very generous indeed!

  6. This is totally enchanting, and so is your blog. So nice to meet you.


  7. Thank you very much Karen. Nice to meet you too!


  8. Hi, Josje!
    I love your blog, I love your miniatures, all your work is beautifull and full of elegance and good taste!
    I don't have much time to be here in Internet but you are one of my favourites!
    And how lucky to attend so many courses!!! I envy you (a little bit :)...)I wish I could be retired soon to have that oppotunity too. And I have so much to learn!
    Today, a friend of mine told me there was a birdcage in your blog. I love birdcages! When I saw it, I couldn't believe!!! It was inspired in one of my birdcages!!! Can you imagine how proud I am? Can you imagine what it means to me? It means that someone found my work worthy enough to be followed. Amazing!
    Thank you for showing it and a big thank you to your student and friend Lisette.
    A big kiss to both of you!

    Maria Armanda Bryton


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