Summer class

This past weekend I taught my first 'Louis XV Fauteuil' class to seven students. We had three very busy and fun days where everyone had to work hard, but the end results were great! I'll share some photo's of the three days:

Group photograph

There was laughter...

...but also serious work.

New skills discovered

A lot of sanding to be done

Precisely measured fabrics

The finishing touch

After three days of hard work, seven beautiful little fauteuils in a row.

Two chairs are all finished!

Proudly showing off the (nearly finished) end result


  1. What a lovely and fun workshop this must have been. And considering the end result the hard workers had a great teacher too :)

    Great job, Josje!

    (mooie fauteuil geworden, Jeffry!)

  2. The chairs are lovely and I wish I could have
    been there to make one of my own!

    /Eva J

  3. So lovely chairs,is it a kit ?
    you have a mail or web address?


  4. Looks like you all had great fun and all went home with a beautiful piece of miniature furniture!

  5. Thank you Brombeertje!

    Thanks Eva, the good thing about blogging is being so 'close' to everyone anywhere in the world. The next big thing to be invented should be teleportation...

    Janne, unfortunately the chair is not a kit. When I made the chair in January there were many requests for kits and an online workshop. I tried, but found it too difficult (and an awful lot of work) to explain on paper all that had to be done. That's why I decided I would teach a 'live' class. So I'm really sorry I can't provide you with a kit. Not much of a consolation, but here is my web address:


  6. Emma and Neil, yes, they all did a great job, I was very pleased. Especially considering they all used techniques they had never used before. For some sawing and routing was something they feared, for others working with fabrics was completely alien to them. So, wonderful accomplishments! And as a bonus we had a lot of fun ;)

  7. The chairs are amazing! Each one so perfect, oh I wish I could have been there too!!

  8. Those look great, Josje! You're obviously a good teacher. Wish I could take your class!

  9. Thanks Mercedes and Texas Belle! It would be fun to see all of you here, but I know how nearly impossible that is.

  10. Excellent. The end result is fantastic and besides you as you passed very well. I like them all.

    I like your work.

  11. great seminar!!!!! We have no such seminars!!!!

  12. Thank you Ksandra! In a lot of areas in the world it is very difficult to get to classes. But if you have the space and enough people willing to take a class, why don't you invite people over to teach? I know a lot of miniaturists who teach are willing to travel. I went to Norway to teach twice and several teachers from England and the US come to a place near to where I live to teach by invitation! It is often cheaper to invite someone to come to you, than for several people to have to travel abroad.

    1. к большому сожалению нас в России мало миниатюристов. Например в своем городе я такая одна в Москве больше миниатюристов((( поэтому нам очень трудно собраться для таких занятий(((( у вас потрясающие кресла !!!!

    2. Ah yes, that would be a bit of a problem. In some respects we are lucky here that we have such a small and densely populated country. We have quite a large number of miniaturists in Holland who of course all live relatively close to eachother.

      Hurray for Internet, right?!

    3. а вы не продаете такие кресла??? если да, то сколько стоят ?? можете ответить на мою почту

    4. Hi Ksandra, I have sent you an email!


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