Little Lamb

Not Mary's but mine. Yesterday was a happy day as one of our sheep gave birth to a beautiful and healthy black lamb. I had worried about her because last year the birth of her lamb went horribly wrong and she barely survived herself.

We didn't plan on having any lambs this year, but our ram had different ideas about that. Although he can be quite an aggressive little b*****d, he is proving to be a calm and caring father.


  1. aaah, how adorable, new live.... Congratulations!!

    But so sorry to read about last year's birth. You wrote about it and I wonderd how your stock did. I figured that no news was good news, but this isn't. The worries that you must have had! Taking care for your animals is never an easy task, and if such serious complication do occure...pfff. Fortunately all's gone well now, I pressume? Good luck with this little version of your lovely sheep (what kind of breed are they?).

    ps. Hope this change for the better also involves your neck.

  2. What a lovely little lamb. Congratulations!

  3. He is so adorable. Maybe his father will calm down a little now show some pride in his offspring.

  4. Gefeliciteerd met de geboorte van je lammetje. En trotse vader Ram.

    Groetjes Lisette

  5. Thank you all! It was such a relief all went well. I had already sent for the vet to come and keep an eye on her, but before he reached us she had managed on her own.

    Debby, they are Ouessant sheep, a small but very hardy breed originating from the Isle of Ouessant, Brittany (Bretagne). It is very rare for this breed to have complications when giving birth. There's always that exception...

    Doreen, I hope he does calm down, or else...snip,snip...Poor guy, he's only a little over one year old. He's got competition from one of his other lambs though, the baby-ram looks very promising with a gorgeous chocolate brown coloured fleece.

    Dank je wel Lisette. Maandag werd het lammetje van het witte schaap geboren, dinsdag die van het licht-bruine schaap. Alle drie de lammeren en moeders maken het goed.



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