Second 'Louis XV Fauteuil' class

I have been quiet for a while, but I have been busy! Last weekend I taught my second class the 'Louis XV Fauteuil'. The results w...

I have been quiet for a while, but I have been busy! Last weekend I taught my second class the 'Louis XV Fauteuil'. The results were great again as you can see in the photo above. Below a few photographs taken during those three days:

The group hard at work

Some very fine sanding had to be done

Marking out where the routing has to go...

...and then actually routing out the fine lines

'Precise' drilling by eye

Time to relax...

...and time for hard work (guilding work continued past midnight!)

This beautiful doll was knitted by one of the students...

...and was allowed to test drive her chair.

Three chairs nearing completion

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  1. Me encanta la chairs.Come a mi blog y coger su prize.your tiene que dar 5 blogs more.Hugs, Matilde.

  2. Ohh Josje, please do it again next year, tell me in advance so I can fix my holidays from work and I shall fly to your home or anywhere you want.I love the way you work. You are AMAZING !!Congrats to your students as well, they have been very good!

  3. These chairs are beautiful! How I wish you were teaching a class over here in the States!I'd sign up for it, for sure!

  4. Oh, I wish I could take part too:) Wonderful chairs!

  5. My goodness these chairs are utterly beautiful. So much work and dedication has gone into making them. Congratulations to you !

  6. I would love to be part of your actually have such a wonderful piece made at the end of a couple of days. Please let me know if you are doing another class in the middle of next never know, I could be on your side of the world!!

  7. Thank you Matilde, I appreciate your award!

    Rosanna and Linda, I probably will be teaching this class again around May or so. If you're interested, let me know what date would work for you and I can try to get a few people together. I'd love to see you here!

    Thank you Claudia, Victoria and Elise. Of course I did not make these...but my students did a pretty good job! Long days and hard work but wonderful results. I'd love to teach a class in the States, but organizing that would be quite difficult. I'm always open to suggestions though ;-)

  8. A big thumbs up for all the students. Nice to see the different outcome a change in upholstery can do. And the satisfaction they must feel!? To be able to say: homemade!!

    And well done for teaching them how-to, Josje

  9. So beautiful, oh how I wish I lived close to you! And what a wonderful knitted doll. :)

  10. If you were close, insurance that would be there, I love everything what they do. congratulations.
    Greetings Carmen

  11. Thank you Debby, Maia and Carmen. I started out writing an online class for this chair in the beginning of this year, but found it too difficult to explain everything in writing. So that's how this class came about. I really enjoyed teaching it!


  12. they are very very beautiful. congratulations


  13. Thank you MelMel! There's another weekend coming up, so happy weekend to you too ;-)

  14. Pamela, that is is thought... but it is a full three day class, so even if I only film my instructions, it would still be a very long video!! And I must admit, I don't really look forward to trying to film all of this, setting the camera, making sure it is all clear etc.
    But it is something I will think of, maybe with other projects...